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The much anticipated release of the latest update for the popular modification Annihilation X is here! For those of yo...


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The much anticipated release of the latest update for the popular modification Annihilation X is here! For those of you just back from being probed by aliens, or coming out of a coma, Annihilation X is a very enhanced version of Annihilation 4.0. While it may have most of the same files, skins, some weapons, and so on, Annihilation X is truely the greatest piece of art the Annihilation Dev Team has ever constructed. With it's highly anticipated release by it's fans, this latest and greatest release of the Annihilation modification is sure to be a fan pleaser. And if you are not a fan, download this work of art, and you will be!

A few features of Annihilation X are:

  • The monsters now look more realistic.
  • Enhanced gore.
  • New bullet holes and sparks.
  • New monsters.
  • New pets and AI.

There have been a few changes/additions/fixes since the last version was released, but the most important change made is to the Doom3 gaming experience that you will be subjected has been improved! I know, this is something that would not have been thought possible, so don't take my word for it, the download link is a little lower!

Some of the new features in this version include:

  • Pets much powerfull & cause more damage
  • Better gfx thanx to the use of E3 bumpmaps, but with the same AX classic skins
  • New FX & Particles.
  • Fixed the console bug
  • Fist fireball better fx & sounds!
  • Better shaders & 3D effects using the new Parallax Extreme shaders
  • Various bug fixes & more.

Note that Annihilation X (Latest Update) requires the full Annihilation X (final) Modification as well as the first updated version released: Annihilation X (Update) to be installed before this file is.

Developer's note: Requires a very high end machine to run this mod to it's fullest!

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download '' (196.95MB)

Latest Update Readme

Annihilation X by Devin Stein (Spunky) latest update by Dafama2k7 - 04-09-2007

Many new features added, some of them are...:

-New FX & Particles.

-Fist fireball better fx & sounds !

-Bettered & powered all the weapons.

-Pets much powerfull & cause more damage.

-Better shaders & 3D effects using the new Parallax Extreme shaders.

-Better gfx thanx to use E3 bumpmaps, but with the same AX classic skins !!!

-Fixed the console bug !!! (years trying to fix this !)

-Bug fixes & other things.

Warning !!!...: Requires a very high end machine to run this mod to it's fullest !

For using Pets, when weapon_Fist are selected you can...:

Reload Key - Select a pet and command it to move, attack, follow, or stay.

When weapon_HandGrenade are selected you can...:

Reload Key - Command all pets to move or attack.

When weapon_Pistol are selected you can...:

Reload key - Teleports all pets to a new location (only when pistol is already loaded).


Hey there! Well these are the updates I promised you guys. Reason the file size is so big is because of the 20 extra PDA songs you get with this mod and also other stuff Dafama did with Update_2.pk4. Anyways check below for details and whatnot as how to use these updates and where to put em and stuff. HAVE FUN!!!
	First off i'd like to give a big thanks to Dafama for helping so much with these updates it's not even funny.
Now, the updates include the following;

New monsters thanks to Revility

New loading screen thanks to Sabooya

new pets and AI thanks to Dafama

Better graphics thanks to the parallax mapping mod and Dafama and his High Def lighting effects.

New bullet holes and sparks from Dafama

20 more songs to your PDA playlist thanks to me :P

Major bug fixes however the sentry still follows you so you still need to noclip through one part in Communications.

and a number of other things!


Just simply extract the zip that these updates are in into your Annihilation X folder, start a new game and you're all set to go!

Xfire Names

Spunky - Spunky117

Sabooya - sabooya

Darth - darthmaul2

Bear - battlebeardoom3

Contact and of us on xfire if you have it for any assistance, compliments, concerns, bug reports, hate, and if you wish to be a part of the mod team then just ask and we'll see!


Sabooya - New loading screen

Dafama - lots and LOTS of help and tweaking

Revility - Monsters in Hell

d3files - being friggin awesome

Mark - Testing the mod and updates

Darth - my loyale tester and friend

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