This level opens with a sequence a la Half-Life with a train leading you into the depth of a building. The action doesn't start immediately...


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This level opens with a sequence a la Half-Life with a train leading you into the depth of a building. The action doesn't start immediately and actually it is up to you to decide of that! That is the main originality of this level arranged in a series of trials: there is one arena in which you have to defeat several waves of enemies of increasing difficulty. These waves stand for missions that you are responsible to trigger on once you have gotten over one of them.

In between the missions, you can drift along the corridors of the building to redo your weaponry, treat your wounds and you can also see how you perform: yep, there is a kill board! Actually, this level has several surprises in store but I will let them for your discoveries.

And yet, this level isn't perfect. Here is the lowdown on what I noticed: - Bad FPS - Graphics glitches here and there - The missions' script can get stuck - The player is moving more slowly than usual (I think?) - You must complete the missions one after the other (no selection)

Even so, this is one of the most original SP map I have ever played and I really advice you to give it a try. Besides, I have a hunch that a mod team will get in touch with Jooo shortly :) OK, I'm just doing voodoo here LOL


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Download '' (7.88MB)


-some textures and decals
-now all of the chain gun, and bazooka ammo can be picked up
- mission gui is fixed (ending text on it)
-added more armors
-added more plasma & machinegun & shootgun ammo
-lost souls panel is fixed
-and a few other small things.

-Sometimes the sript make mistakes during the fighting so i recommend to 
quicksave every time before starting a mission or any fight.So you can reload the game.
For example the exit teleport wont open. :(

[Jooo] 28-09-2004 ARENA

// Map info

Title                   : ARENA
MapFilename             : arena.pk4

Author                  : Jooo
Email Address           : benecsj AT freemail DOT hu

Map description         : This is a kinda serius sam style map.: Just kill and kill 
			   and kill, and get bonuses for your kills of course :)

Supported Gametypes	: Single Player

// Build Info

Editor             : D3Radiant (internal Doom3 Editor thingie)
Bugs               : The monstercounter sreen in the fighting arena.
Compile machine    : INTEL PENTIUM 3GHz HT, 1G RAM,ATI RADEON 9800PRO
Build Time         : about a month
// Map Usage

  Place the 'arena.pk4' file in your 'Doom 3\base' directory.
  (This is by default C:\Program Files\Doom 3\base\)
  Open up Doom 3 and bring down the CONSOLE by pressing:
  CTRL + ALT + ~.   (~ is the button below ESC and to the left of 1)
  In the console, just write: "map arena"
  (without the quotes ("    ")

// Copyright / Permissions

Doom II & Doom III are registered trademarks of id Software, Inc.

You can host this file on a website without my permission.

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