Dafama2K7 has returned with one thought in his mind, and that is how best to give the Doom III gaming community the tools to have the...


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Dafama2K7 has returned with one thought in his mind, and that is how best to give the Doom III gaming community the tools to have the Doom experience possible...he has solved this dilemma by taking the super-popular four year old mod: Awesome Sauce (1.0), and fixing it to be beyond what it was originally!

Changes in this version include:

  • Updated by Dafama2k7.
  • Added .dds compressed textures.
  • Fixed and enhanced weapons particles, fx and lights.

If taking part in an excellent Doom III adventure, and having a damn good time doing it appeals to you, then the only task you need to complete right at this moment is to locate the download link for AwesomeSauce (v1.1 - Fixed) and click on it. Before you know it, you'll be in the midst of a great mod. Enjoy!

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download '' (8.58MB)

Ass-Stomping Mod for Doom3
Updated by Dafama2k7
Author: eXim Works

Credits (Thanks for the inspirations and code):

> EnhancedGore3 by Tets
	- Some of the gore effects in this mod use Tets' code, so thanks very much. 
> Duct Tape Mod by Glen Murphy (
	- This guy is the man. Almost every mod since this one has used Glen's gunlights and I think he deserves a pioneer award for it.
> Marine Operations by (
	-Didn't actually use any of his code, but I credit him for giving me the idea of the grenade toggle.
>Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 Melee Edition v.1 by yellow number 6 productions
	- For their left/right punching tweak. Simple, but ingenious!

Other than that, most of the code rewrites, skins and sound edits were done by yours truly. This is my very first mod, so be gentle with it.

Please feel free to use this mod in whole or part for your own uses, just mention my name and tell me about it.


v1.1 - Second releasse by Dafama2k7.
     - Added .dds compressed textures.
     - Fixed and enhanced weapons particles, fx and lights.

v1.0 - First releasse by Exim Works.
     - Original features descrived above.


1.) Find your Doom3 folder. Usually this is C: -> Program Files -> Doom3.

2.) Unzip or copy the AWESOME SAUCE folder with the awesomesauce.pk4 file inside into the Doom3 folder. (don't put it inside the [base] folder)

3.) Launch Doom 3.

4.) In the main menu, click the MODS button and select Awesome Sauce from the list. Hit ok and wait for the mod to load.

5.) Start a new game or load an old save and serve up a plate of gibs with extra awesome sauce!

If you'd like to forego reading the nitty-gritty out-of-game descriptions of the weapons mods in this readme, there is a new PDA chock full of email that you can download in doom3. Just press P when you start or load a game (the autoexec file in this mod should bind it to give you the pda).
	If for any reason that doesn't work, bring down the console during play [ CONTROL + ALT + ~ ] (that last character is a tilde). Type: (give pda armsfactory_sharp) without the brackets and press enter, then close the console by pressing tilde again. You can then access chris' email normally using your PDA.
WARNING - Some of Chris Sharp's email is very dirty and full of profanity, so don't read it if swear words offend you.


- If you have the CPU power, I would also reccomend running the Ultra high quality mod available on doom3files, since everyone is raving that it's incredible and should have been in the initial release... Go figure.


• Ungibbable •
Yes. When you punch a corpse, it doesn't suddenly dissolve. How about that!? The Railgun and BFG still dissolve corpses, as do direct hits with grenades and Cola Shells. You will notice however that the splash damage from explosions will not gib, making for some fun ragdoll effects. Demons can't be gibbed, but they will burn away after about 30 seconds, which is actually scarier because they start to dissolve noisily when you least expect it. Every dead enemy becomes a ragdoll, which is lots of fun with the upgraded punch.

• X-Tra Gore •
Splatt! Plenty more blood for you, and it sticks around. Combined with the ungibbable tweak, you will have a blast (no pun) emptying shotgun shells into lifeless zombies just because they pissed you off. The blood decals will also last quite some time, so that beautiful bloodbath you just had earlier will stick around.

• Meaty Sound•
Most of the weapons have had some changes made to their sound effects. Fans of ID may find some of them are a little familiar... 

• Weapon Select Tweak •
The Flashlight and Hand Grenades no longer appear in the weapon cycle list, but both can be toggled to and from by using F (flashlight) and G (grenades). This makes grenades especially much more handy and tidies up your arsenal.

* Less Ammo *
It's kinda rediculous how much gear you can slug around while playing, and the fear of running out is usually pretty far away (maybe I'm crazy or just not playing on a hardcore difficulty level) but max ammo capacity for all weapons has been dramatically reduced. This adds a whole new fear and challenge level to the game, that of running out of ammo and having to improvise with what you have.

• Weapon Skins * (needs 'image_usePrecompressedTextures 1')
Almost all the weapons have been given new skins. You can either play the game and find out for yourself, or read this description list:
Flashlight - Flat black finish by Maglite™
Player - Neck tattoo and eye shading
Fists ,Hands and Berserk - Black leather gloves
Pistol - Compensators and ribbed slide
Shotgun - UAC Logo
Machinegun - Urban camouflage
Chaingun - Urban camouflage
Grenades - Explosive label
Plasmagun - Prototype look
Rocket Launcher - Broken lens, dark texture and INTERT stencil. Shells are cola cans.
Chainsaw - Blood splatter and Stihl™ logo.

• Easter Eggs *
See if you can find them!


Maglite [Flashlight]
Different skin, longer gibs. Other than that, it keeps you from completely wetting yourself in the dark like it normally does.

Sledgehammer Knuckles [Fists]
Steroid enhanced for harder hitting action! You also alternate fists randomly so you don't punch like a robot. Get your aggression out on ragdolls without using up precious ammo!

Auto Magnum [Pistol]
Far more powerful, with a heavy sound to match. This is the most accurate weapon in the arsenal until you get the railgun, so you'll probably be pulling it out for long-range potshots even when you have heavier-hitting stuff. Clip has been changed to 10 rounds.

Streetsweeper [Shotgun]
KA-BOOM!!! More powerful and more focussed. Takes down almost anything with one close-range blast, but is next to useless at long range. Holds 5 shells now that load singly, so make 'em count!

Tactial Assault Module [Machine Gun]
Half the ammo, twice the damage, slightly less accuracy and a gun light. This is the best general-purpose weapon you have, and is great to use when you're not sure what's coming up. 

Rotary Cannon [Chaingun]
The ultimate SCREW YOU! weapon. Sprays all over the place, but who cares with 99 faster, harder and LOUDER bullets on the belt? Meet the crowds with this sucker.

Larger radius and higher splash damage. No longer detonates on contact with enemies, and bounces less. Can be toggled by pressing G.

Railgun [Plasmagun]
A complete functional makeover. What used to be a wide-area rapid-fire weapon is now a slow-firing, low-ammo-high-power prescision weapon. Three charges per cell, puts a hypervelocity slug dead on target with great damage.

Pneumatic Colabomb Mortar [Rocket Launcher]
Splits the difference between grenade and rocket launcher. Lobs a gravity-affected shell a reasonable distance, where it explodes on impact with whatever it hits. This allows you to shoot over obstacles  and shell dug-in baddies from relative safety. A little trickier to use than ye olde rocket launcher, but the applications are a bit more varied.

BFG 10K Custom Limited Anniversary Edition (With certificate of authenticity) [BFG]
Big... Bigger... BIGGEST! Get your ass underground when you light up this bastard. I was astonished at how wussy the king of all guns was in Doom3, so I've *cough* fixed it. Begin the countdown. Sound the air raid sirens. Kiss your ass goodbye.

The only thing I changed was that lame-ass chime that sounds when you regain health. Instead, there is a grotesque crunching of bones as you suck the very life out of your enemies. Delicious. Oh, and it tells you when it's ready in a slightly different way.

Some minor sound tweaks and corporate sponsorship.


Since this is the first version, I'm sure I'm not entirely aware of all the bugs, but I'll try to list a few unti l get feedback making me aware of others.

- Savegame loading troubles
Does anyone know why this happens? Savegames will load up at the beginning of the level they were saved in, and I'm not sure why. Adds a touch of challenge, actually, but It shouldn't do that by accident.


If you liked my mod or have suggestions for it, please email or MSN me at Thanks!

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