This is a new weapon mod created by TopGunSF, a frequent visitor of our LMS irc channel. This mod is definitely worth checking out as it ha...


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This is a new weapon mod created by TopGunSF, a frequent visitor of our LMS irc channel. This mod is definitely worth checking out as it has some neat tweaks. I personally think that he especially nailed the machine gun, chaingun and grenades. The machinegun is really how it should be in Doom 3. And the grenades are fun as hell! Watch the destruction they cause as they send demons flying into the air! He modified most of the weapons too so give it a try and let him know how you like it! Take care and I hope you enjoy it.


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Balance 0.2 [weapons mod]
by TopGunSF

INTRO: Thank you for downloading Balance .2, the objective of this mod is to bring a little more balance and realism into the weapons of Doom 3 while not destroying the atmosphere of the game. (The guns may shoot differently but you still won't be able to see what your shooting at.)

INSTALLING: Unzip all files in the Balance zip folder to your Doom 3 directory. Activate this mod by selecting "Balance" from the Mod menu in Doom 3.

UNINSTALLING: Delete the folder named Balance in your Doom 3 directory.


Overall Features:
-disabled gibing on all bullet weapons

-decreased damage per hit

-added toggle option (works like flashlight, press pistol button to pull out pistol, press it again to switch back to previous weapon)
-increased clip capacity
-increased fire-rate
-added slight spread

-decreased spread
-increased number of shot per shotshell
-decreased damage per bullet
-fixed reload settings (default settings caused 2 shotshells to be loaded for every 1 reload animation, now its 1 for 1)

-increased magazine capacity
-increased fire-rate
-increased spread
-increased damage per bullet

-increased magazine capacity
-increased fire-rate
-decreased damage per bullet slightly

Hand Grenade:
-decreased minimum throw range
-increased maximum throw range
-increased fuse time
-decreased bounciness

-increased cylinder capacity
-increased damage per projectile slightly
-increased projectile velocity

-I left the BFG and the Chainsaw alone, it would be sacrilege to mess with either of those.
-Although the fists and flashlight still do an unrealistically high amount of damage if I lowered the damage they caused any more melee fighting would be pretty much useless.

-Bugs? (None known.)
-Random E-Mails?
Contact me at TopGunSF AT MSN DOT com with any suggestions you have.

COPYING: Please feel free to use any part of this mod in any non-commercial way wish. I just ask that if you do modifiy this mod, keep this README file (feel free to edit it for any changes that you make make) with the mod and send me an E-Mail ( with a link to the mod you made.

-TopGunSF - created mod (TopGunSF AT MSN DOT com, also look for me on the GameSurge irc ( on channel #FileFront.)
-Calimer - beta tester ( 
-Hobbes - beta tester (

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