Baphomet Flashlight



This makes the flashlight (also light emanating from some other guns) into a common symbol of Baphomet. This mod is themed to the general environment the marine has to navigate.



Baphomet Flashlight Mod
by kooloky

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Table of Contents:
1. Included files
2. Installation procedure
3. Running procedure
4. Inspirations
5. Programs used
6. Computer's build time
7. Time to create and finish product
8. Legal Information
9. Contact Info

1. Files included in the package (baphometflash.zip) that are not to be altered:

baphometfl (folder)
description.txt (Text Document: S(bytes)= 25. SOD(bytes): 4,096)
pak666.pk4 (Pk4 file: S(bytes)= 257,375. SOD(bytes): 258,048)
readme.txt (Text Document: S(bytes)= 2,756. SOD(bytes): 4,096)
screenshot.jpg (Picture file: S(bytes)= 45,110. SOD(bytes): 49,152)

Size On Disk is determined by what filing system you're using. These values are based on NTFS.

2. Installation:
Just unzip to your Doom 3 main folder, everything should go where it needs to.

3. Running the mod:
Double click Doom 3's shortcut, or run from the start menu, click the Mods menu, then click the entry listed "Baphomet Flashlight Mod" and load it. Now when you start or load a game you'll have a nifty flashlight equipped with a lovely symbol.

4. Inspiration: Well, since everything else in the game is demonic, why shouldn't your flashlight be? And no one else has released something like this yet.

5. Programs used: Paintshop Pro 8, Doom 3 (retail version, all downloaders are dumb! Stealing software can lead to imprisonment)

6. Build Time: A fraction of a second (plus 1.2 seconds to zip)

7. Start to finish: About 1 hour

8. Legal stuff that is good to know, but boring to read:

Doom, Doom 3, the Doom logo, Id, and the Id logo are copyrighted to Id Software. Baphomet's lovely photo is copyright to himself. All other materials copyright to their respective owners. This package may be redistributed only free of charge and only if the contents are not modified. Webmasters that wish to add their template "This file downloaded at..." files may do so, so long as no malware or any other malicious code is executed or displayed with it.

Any user wishing to use the flashlight5 and flashlight6 ".tga" files in a mod may do so without the consent of the author, free of charge.

Any user wishing to send death threats or any other form of harassment be aware of the freedoms listed in the Bill of Rights, and you can and will be prosecuted for any attacks or threats to the author's computer or self. (This segment was added before the package was put online due to the nature of its contents.)

9. Contact information: If you'd like to send questions or comments (abiding by above legal info) to the author, you may send email to [email protected].

The author's homepage is at http://www.geocities.com/kooloky

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