Battle Ready Mod



This is another weapon mod that re-balances the weapon usage in the game. For the most part, It increases or decreases the potenency, firerate, and muzzleflashes of the weapons, and includes a standard gibbing system, along with modified gore levels. A few of the monsters have also been re-worked to make the game a bit more like the origional game.



BattleReady v1.0

This mod has yet to be tested.  I built it on a machine that is
incapable of running DOOM3 so I could not test it.  A tested
version will, most likely, be ready in a day or two.


If your machine blows up, its your fault.
[Your machine will not blow up, its just a disclaimer]

1. Unzip to your DOOM3 directory.
2. Start DOOM3.
3. Select 'BattleReady v1.0' from the mods list.
4. Enjoy.

What it does:
Weapons changes. ----------------------------------------------------------
1. Fists - A lot weaker.  No more taking out imps with your fists.  
   The original damage for the fists was 2 to 3 times more powerful
   than the pistol.  I thought this was kinda funky and made the fists
   very weak.  The power up should still work.

2. Pistol - More powerful, shoots slower, has a smaller clip, and is 
   somewhat inaccurate.  Moddled kinda after a desert eagle.

3. Shotgun - Shoots slower, reloads slower, but is MUCH more powerful.
   I did this by narrowing the pellet spread and upping the number of 
   pellets by about 50%.  It should be pretty badass now.  In the future,
   I may change this weapon and give it a slug and make the bullet wound 
   simply massive.

4. Machine gun - Rate of fire increased from 10 rounds per second to
   about 22 rounds per second.  This results in a firing speed of
   roughly 1,332 rounds per minute.  As many Raven-Shield fans know,
   the FAMAS is one of the fastest guns in the world at 900 rounds per
   minute.  Clip size has been boosted to 100 rounds.  Damage has been 
   reduced to maintain balance.  Gun is slightly inaccurate.

5. Chain gun - ***EXPERIMENTAL*** there is a possibility that this gun
   may not work properly.  This is because the code for the way this 
   weapon fires is totally different for any of the other guns.  It does
   not seem to have a set fire rate, so what most people seem to do is
   just make it fire several 'pellets' for each bullet used to make it
   seem like it is firing a lot faster.  This is simply not good enough 
   for me because I want to see that ammo counter drop as it fires roughly
   50 rounds per second.  Im not sure if the change I made will work so
   hence the warning.  Other modifications are a massive ass clip of 500
   rounds and a lowered damage due to the increased speed. Also, barrel
   spin up time should be pretty slow.
   	On a tangent, most people will remember that there is no machine gun 
	in the original doom.  This is because the chaingun fills in that spot.
	By adding a machine gun to DOOM3, things had to change a little, but 
	they didnt.  The chaingun is an underpowered and slow weapon as it is
 	basically just like a super machine gun.  That is not what a chain gun
	is or should be.

6. Grenades -  No changes.

7. Plasma gun -  Bigger clip.  Better Damage. A slight spread on the plasma 
   shots now.  Also, the weapon should glow a little bit [if i didnt screw up].

8. Rocket Launcher -  Just a bit more powerful.  Fires a little bit slower.

9. Soul Cube - No changes.

10. BFG - A lot more powerful.  Looking at the stats it had... it seemed very pathetic.

11. Flashlight - It SHOULD have a wider beam.

Monsters. ----------------------------------------------------------
Some of the monsters have been changed, but not very much.

1. Cacodemon - Slower and tougher.  It's plasma shot is also a lot slower, but
   does a lot more damage.   [I miss the original cacodemons... *sniff*]

2. Revenant - I >>THINK<< i made him a little faster but Im not sure if what I 
   did worked.  He is also slightly stronger.  I was disapointed at how slow the 
   revenant was as compared to how fast it was in the original games.  Hopefully
   I fixed that.


1. All ammunition pick ups have been changed to reflect the changes done to the 
   weapons.  Basically, that means more ammo to go around.

2. The lighting effects for weapons and monster plasma has been increased.

>>3. Bullet casings will stay on the ground for a long time, pretty cool effect indeed.
     The same goes for the debris from explosions.

Blood and Gore.----------------------------------------------------------

Importantly, I changed the gibbing so that only certain weapons will do it.
These weapons are the Chainsaw, BFG, Rocket Launcher, Grenades, and Plasma Gun.
If it turns out that the enemy vaporization is still annoying even with this mod 
then I will remove gibbing altogether.

I put a few files from the nitro gore mod into this mod but very few.
These files were generally just the fx and particles files that seemed to 
[based purely on the numbers] to up the amount of blood that squirts out 
when an enemy is hit.  THe documentation on the nirto mod sucks [sorry 
dudes, its true] so I really dont know if there is anything else.  I 
believe the player bleeding was also transfered but I am unsure of that.

Future Thoughts.----------------------------------------------------------

1. Fix the chaingun if it duznt work the way I made it.
2. Change the lame weapon sounds that the game shipped with.
3. Add blood pools.
4. Make decals [blood spatter, bullet holes] permanent.
5. Make the shotgun fire single slugs. [Im toying with the thought...]
6. Anyhting people suggest and I find cool. =)

The changes I made in the code really werent that massive. Anybody with some freetime 
can look thought the code and see the exact changes that I made.  If anybody would like 
to copy parts of this mod or include it into another mod please go right ahead.  However,
I would like some credit tho.  

Random Rant: The DOOM3 coders SUCK ASS at commenting.  
Some comments on the minigun would have been REALLY nice...

If you have any questions, my email is [email protected]

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