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This mod tweaks several aspects of the game and the list of changes is fairly impressive. One of them you may especially like is the flashlight that is given a larger beam :) However, the author also states that the mod will make the game much more difficult: "I thought the original difficulty below nightmare was pie" -> Will you be up for the challenge?



BattleReady v1.2



If your machine blows up, its your fault.
[Your machine will not blow up, its just a disclaimer]

I thought the original difficulty below nightmare was pie.


Trent Reznor's sound pack - It adds A LOT to the game experience.
Ultra-Extreme-Quality-MOD - VERY IMPORTANT. This SHOULD have been in the game!

Eventually I may pack those above with the mod but for now they are seperate.

Its probably a good idea to uninstall pervious versions of this mod
before you use this one.  If you want to keep your save games, you have to go
into the old versions mod folder and copy the saved game folder before you delete
the mod folder.  After you install the new mod, pop the saved games folder in there.
Simply delete the pk4 from the previous version and replace it with the new version.
Since this is a new version of the mod you will have to restart whatever level you were
on. Im not sure why Doom3 does this but it does.
This new version of the mod changes MANY things.  Gameplay is very different.
It is best to start a new game when first installing this version.
1. Unzip to your DOOM3 directory.
2. Start DOOM3.
3. Select 'BattleReady v1.2' from the mods list.
4. Enjoy.

What it does:
Weapons changes. ----------------------------------------------------------
1. Fists - A lot weaker.  No more taking out imps with your fists.  
   The original damage for the fists was 2 to 3 times more powerful
   than the pistol.  I thought this was kinda funky and made the fists
   very weak.  The power up should still work.

2. Pistol - More powerful, shoots slower, has a smaller clip, and is 
   somewhat inaccurate.  Moddled kinda after a desert eagle.

3. Shotgun - Shoots slower, reloads slower, but is MUCH more powerful.
   I did this by narrowing the pellet spread and upping the number of 
   pellets by about 50%.  It should be pretty badass now.  In the future,
   I may change this weapon and give it a slug and make the bullet wound 
   simply massive.  --RevNote-- In BRv1.1, you could kill a hell knight 
   in 3 shots.  I toned this town because that was dumb.  Shotgun is 
   still very powerful, just not as unbalanced.
4. Machine gun - In the first version of this mod I made it so the machine 
   gun had a firing rate of 22 rounds per second.  That was much and was
   was very insane but did not fit well into my future plans for this mod.
   See the chain gun to find out why.  Basically, in this verison of BR,
   the machine gun is pretty close to its default version.  It still shoots
   a bit faster and it now has a 50 round clip. [60 seemed to high, 40 seemed
   to low]

5. Chain gun - Large clip of 150 rounds and a lowered damage due to 
   the increased speed.  The chain gun does damage slightly higher than the 
   machine gun.  It is more powerful because it fires at manytimes the speed.
   I felt that a chaingun should just be a faster machinegun.  Its A LOT faster.
   	On a tangent, most people will remember that there is no machine gun 
	in the original doom.  This is because the chaingun fills in that spot.
	By adding a machine gun to DOOM3, things had to change a little, but 
	they didnt.  The chaingun is an underpowered and slow weapon as it is
 	basically just like a super machine gun.  That is not what a chain gun
	is or should be.

6. Grenades -  No changes.

7. Plasma gun -  Better Damage. A slight spread on the plasma  shots now.
   Fires faster and the plasma moves faster. [You should barely be able to notice
   the speed differences if at all.]  
   Also, the weapon should glow a little bit.

8. Rocket Launcher -  Just a bit more powerful.  Fires a little bit slower.

9. Soul Cube - No changes.

10. BFG - A lot more powerful.  Looking at the stats it had... it seemed very pathetic.

11. Flashlight - It SHOULD have a wider beam.  Also, it is a lot weaker 
    [Down to 10 damage from 40,  40 is NUTS for a flashlight!]

Monsters. ----------------------------------------------------------

1. Cacodemon - Slower and tougher.  It's plasma shot is also a lot slower, but
   does a lot more damage.   [I miss the original cacodemons... *sniff*]

2. Revenant - Slightly stronger.  Missiles do more damage.

3. Hell Knight - MUCH stronger.  Does MUCH more damage.  Dont get to close, 
   his close range attacks are VERY strong now.

4. Mancubus - Stronger, more damage.

5. Imp - Better damage.

6. Gun wielding zombies - Dish out more damage.

7. Monsters take much longer to burn away.

8. All lowerclass zombies are much tuffer [200% of original] and do more damage.
   I had the image of a zombie advancing through a corridor and absorbing bullets like crazy...
   The pistol is the zombie killer in this mod.  If I find that it unbalances things ill
   drop the pistol's firepower.  Right now, a horde of zombies is actually something that you 
   should fear.


1. All ammunition pick ups have been changed to reflect the changes done to the 
   weapons.  Basically, that means more ammo to go around.

2. The lighting effects for weapons and monster plasma has been increased.  I would
   have loved to have upped the lighting for a perfectly realistic and well lit
   fire fight but during testing I got complaints that things got very choppy.  THis
   is also why the chaingun is not as 'insanely' fast as you may have been expecting.
   The game just cant take certain things.

3. Bullet casings will stay on the ground for a long time, pretty cool effect indeed.
     The same goes for the debris from explosions.

4. I am using Fragger's new doom3 splash screen.  

5. New particle effects [Most notable on chaingun.  Thanx to the Enhanced mod]

6. Health and armor go up to 200. [You will need it!!!]

Blood and Gore.----------------------------------------------------------

Gibbing is gone.  I havent been able to figure out how to make the gibs stay
so I removed it alltogether.

Blood stays longer.

I redid the bullet hole effect that Tropezator made.  I think his is great so I improved
upon it slightly.  

Also, i noticed that the plasmagun did not leave a wound decal and that if it was to leave one,
there is no decal in the game suitable for a 'plasma burn.'  So i used the knowledge I gained
from editing Tropezator's decal and made my own plasmaburn decal.  My only question is,
where the hell do I store the normal map file and how do i link to it? i searchd for ages but 
never found out how to do it.  My personal thought, ID did not put bump mapping into bullet
wound decals.  Thats probably why the ones in farcry own so much compared to Doom3.  Im probably 
gona attempt to add bump mapping to the wounds in later releases.

Sounds. -------------------------------------------------------------------

The opening menu music is a remix of Episode 1, level 3.  I couldnt find the author
so hopfully there wont be any problems. For the record, I DID NOT MAKE IT!

Right now I am using the sounds that Tropezator shipped with his release of doomer. 
[Tropezator, if you have any problems with that then please let me know.  Props for the
great sounds.]

I recommend the Trent Rexnor sound pack, it adds a lot ot the game.

Future Thoughts.----------------------------------------------------------

1. Make gibs stay!
2. Make variations in the decals.
3. Add blood pools.
4. Make decals [blood spatter, bullet holes] permanent. [I made them longer...]
5. Make the shotgun fire single slugs. [Im toying with the thought...]
6. Anyhting people suggest and I find cool. =)
7. Add the little dude's face at the bottom of the screen.
8. I may try to remap some of the levels and shove summore monsters in there.
   That would make the download huge tho so right now it just isnt high on my list.

Thanks to:

Fragger for his splash screen.  Fragger is a God of mapping/skinning no matter 
what anyone thinks.  His skins for SoF2 rocked extremely hard and I am EXTREMELY
happy that he has started to work with Doom3.  You can expect graet things from 
that dude.  [Hopefully he will let me use his splash screen lol!]

Tropezator who created the DoomeR mod.  I used some sounds and bullets a decal.
I changed the decal a bit so i dont think that will be a problem but the sounds
I simply transplanted.  If you have any problems with this, let me know and I 
will take them out.

Gallius & Karmithius who created the Enhanced Mod.  I did some code tranplanting.
If you dudes want me to take out what I used from you dudes please let me know.
Great work on the particle effects!

The changes I made in the code really werent that massive. Anybody with some freetime 
can look thought the code and see the exact changes that I made.  If anybody would like 
to copy parts of this mod or include it into another mod please go right ahead.  However,
I would like some credit tho.  

Random Rant: The DOOM3 coders SUCK ASS at commenting.  
Some comments on the minigun would have been REALLY nice...

If you have any questions, my email is [email protected]

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