Betruger Basher 1.2

Once again I make another Betruger Basher mod for a couple of people that actully download it to enjoy. This series of mods came out when I...


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Once again I make another Betruger Basher mod for a couple of people that actully download it to enjoy. This series of mods came out when I begain to think after playing though doom 3 "If betruger is such a bad guy, send demons after you, talking in your head, sending you to hell, then how come I can never get to pump 50 shells into his head?" If you ever thought this before, then here is your chance! Almost everything you fight now has betrugers head. Some look better then others sadly, as this was a modeling job, which I can't model very good, so don't be suprised if you see betrugers head floating slightly above the monsters body Another thing that was changed are projectiles, now instead of that old fireball you get thrown at you every five minutes, now you get betrugers head thrown at you. Also grenades have been given a simmilar look. Now the pickup for grenades is bertugers head, and when thrown, the grenade becomes a bouncing betruger head of destruction.

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Name of Mod: Betruger Basher 1.2
Name of creator: John1231
Email: john1231231231ATyahooDOTcom

Whats new: Almost all demons added, projectile changes.

Known errors: as I said, I'm not too good at modeling so the errors I have found are these; Betrugers head floats above most models,the mancubus betruger head is really hard to see. projectiles fired from the revenant and mancubus are betrugers head, but they are backwards, most noticable in the revenant, looks kinda stupid. Models old heads are still "there" and will often times when shot at, leave floating blood stains around betrugers head. There may be others too, be aware that this mod hasn't been fully tested. Please email me if anything major occurs.

To use this mod: Extract all to doom directery, load doom 3, select mods, choose betruger basher 1.2, hit load mod.

Note: this might be the final version, odds are though I'll continue till I get all monsters into betrugers head.

Thanks to: letting me ask questions. rich_is_bored: answer some of my questions. 

And a big THANK YOU!!! to;
Marineofuac: Fat zombie model,archvile model,some data,answering questions, and other stuff I might have forgoten.

If you wish to distrubute my mod, just include the original readme. If you wish to edit/add anything to this mod or take something from this mod and redistrubute it as your own mod, please contact me first.

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