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This mod changes various things that I felt were lacking in Doom 3. The main things are: it make monsters smarter, graphics better, and game...


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This mod changes various things that I felt were lacking in Doom 3. The main things are: it make monsters smarter, graphics better, and gameplay more realistic. No damages have been changed, no weapons added, no flashlights glued to weapons - this is still pure Doom 3, just better. :) Read the included txt file for full details of all changes made.

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Bogz Dollox Doom
Mod for Doom 3


This 'mod' is intended to make Doom 3 more immersive and enjoyable by heightening the realism and by making monsters smarter. The game is more difficult as a result, but not stupidly so. Please note that NO DAMAGE OR HEALTH VALUES HAVE BEEN CHANGED in this 'mod'. The player and the monsters deal and take exactly the same amounts of damage as they did before.

This 'mod' will make Doom 3 look better and run slower - you have been warned.


Place the 'Bogz Dollox Doom' folder into your Doom 3 root folder (e.g. 'C:\program files\Doom 3'). Don't put it in your '\base' folder. Now start doom, click MODS and select Bogz Dollox Doom. Enjoy!


Player Weapon Changes:
- Brass and decals stay indefinitely (achieved by including 'Decals Mod' by boglito).
- The Flashlight beam has been altered to look more realistic and allow the player to see a bit better with it.
- The Shotgun is now much more realistic. It's a 12 guage instead of 13 and has 33% less spread, so it's effective at medium range. It also reloads 1 shell at a time instead of 2, and cannot miraculously jump from the middle of a reload to being fired.
- The Plasma Rifle fire rate has been reduced a tiny bit, but The plasma blasts move faster. They also have a realistic looking glow.
- The Rocket Launcher and Hand Grenades have been tweaked for greater realism. The blast strength and radius of both have been altered to get much more realistic explosions (remember that the damage is the same as before). In addition the Grenades don't bounce around like rubber balls and don't explode when they touch an enemy.
- The BFG now lights the place up like it should. :)
- When cycling through weapons, only the Shotgun, Machinegun, Chaingun, Hand Grenades and Rocket Launcher can be selected. All other weapons are skipped, so you'll need to assign shortcut keys for the Plasma Rifle, BFG and Soul Cube (or use the default keys).

Monster Changes:
- Zombies only gib when hit by plasma (Plasma Rifle or BFG) or by rockets (direct hit only) and demons don't burn away, ever... so you get huge piles of bodies. :)
- Self-shadowing is enabled for all monsters. This is like UEQ by Oneofthe8devilz, except that in this mod dead bodies are also shadowed, and non-monster characters remain unchanged (so there are no nasty graphical artifacts during cutscenes or while talking to NPCs).
- All monsters have had what I call 'procrastination code' removed from their AI's. They will now attack/dodge/leap/charge/etc whenever they can instead of casually ambling towards you while you mow them down. This is perhaps the most significant change, and it results in a dramatic improvement in gameplay.
- Imp maximum leap distance reduced slightly, so that when they do leap they're harder to dodge.
- All Cacodemons have been replaced with Lost Souls (I just think Cacodemons are rubbish).
- Lost Soul maximum charge distance increased a lot, so now they will charge at you from miles away!
- When Wraiths go invisible they will now stay invisible until they're right next to you. They will then appear at melee range, ready to strike, instead of appearing 2 (ish) metres away.
- Zsec Zombies' shotguns now fire at the same rate as yours.

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