Boneyard's Downward Spiral

This map takes place after ‘Hell's Village’, a map in upcoming ‘DooM 3: Hell Awaits’ mini-Mod/Expansion issue 1. This map puts the pl...


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This map takes place after ‘Hell's Village’, a map in upcoming ‘DooM 3: Hell Awaits’ mini-Mod/Expansion issue 1. This map puts the player in a pit full of demons. The player must travel downward in the pit watching out for demons and traps. Map is a first work ever by author. This map is ßeta quality.

And now the changes since version 1.03 beta:

- Added new ending room, old one was kind of plain - Added some DX9 eye candy, for those of us with DX9 Video cards! }> - Added PDA and Mission - Added other graphical tweaks

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MAP NAME: Boneyard's Downward Spiral
VERSION 1.0.3 ßeta
BY: Necrotoxin
EMAIL: Zerophreeze AT hotmail DOT com
WWW (still needs updated):
GAMEPLAY STYLE: Old school (DooM 1/2)
STORY STYLE: Comic book, hopefully with mini-mods of 3 or 4 maps like comic book issues.

	After a year of therapy the UAC decided your fit for duty and has shipped
	you off to TI-4, a distant earth like planet owned and maintained by the 
	UAC, though your nightmares have not subsided. It’s been three years since
	the ‘Martian incident’ or at least that’s what UAC is calling it. Everything
	that had to do with the Mars experiments has been berried, including you.
	They’ve sent you to the ass end of space where life has been quiet for the
	last two years as a Marine policeman on a planet without crime, but as fait
	would have it strange things have been happening on TI-4. The crime has gone
	through the roof and now hospitals are starting to report people having the
	same symptoms as those who went through the teleports to hell back on Mars.
	It’s up to you to find out what the hell is going on and why! 


	Background Music is currently setup as a global ambient sound, I cant seem to get Worldspawn's
	music key to work, looking into.


	Make Archvile spawn other enemies. (Waiting for the tutorials on this one, anyone know?)
	Add loading splash. (Working on this one now)
	Find a evil looking door frame for end of level exit.
	Optimization of map.

Installation and Execution:

	Unzip pak666.pk4 file to Doom 3\base diecrtory, then run the game and go to the
	game console (default; ctrl + alt + ~) and type 'map boneyards' and press enter.
	(NOTE: You'll know if you installed it correctly if you hear a new DooM 3 theme
	song playing)

	Brian Trepaning (I couldnt have done even this without his tutorials, thanks and keep'em coming)
	ID Software (I thought I'd never see another Doom) (Your guys web tutorials was a great help too) (For posting my stuff)
	Jeremiah Sypult (For his kickass remix of Doom E1M8 music)


	Please report bugs to me (email at top of readme).
	Feel free to make suggestion.
	Please keep screenshots with archive.

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