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Hot on the heels of his previously released mod of the same name, Maha_x has decided to release another version, this one, compatible with t...


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Hot on the heels of his previously released mod of the same name, Maha_x has decided to release another version, this one, compatible with the latest patch released to date: v1.3.1. This release will bring a few smiles on some Doom-fanatic-faces! In his infinite wisdom, Maha_x has decided to release the source code for his Brilliant Bloom Mod! He hopes (as do alot of us Doom fans) that someone, or a bunch of someones, will pick up where he left off and continue what he started.

"This is it. The source for brilliant bloom. Now it'll be out of my hands and mayby there will eventually be 1.31 version too. I'm sure the community will do some amazing stuff with it."

He also states that he hopes someone will try their hand at that as well! If you're curious on what the Brilliant Bloom (1.0) is, it is a graphics tweak where it employs HDR style shifting sensitivity (not quite the same though). Blooms only on very bright surfaces and reduces the foggy feel. Good luck to any of the talented people out there that take this on, and I look forward to seeing your finished product! And a big thanks goes out to Maha_x for releasing this Source to the general public! Kudos.

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Specific Doom 3 v.1.3.1 notes

This is the source code of the Brilliant Bloom that I adapted for Doom 3 v.1.3.1.
- this version was compiled with Visual C++ 2005 Express
- the bloom code is the exact same as Doom 3 v.1.3 (the only difference between Doom 3 v.1.3 and v.1.3.1 is the "SysCvar.cpp" file, which has a different "gameVersion_s" cvar print)
- this version is for Doom 3 only (not Resurrection of Evil which has its own built-in bloom code)

As long as the author of the original source code allows you to use, modify & redistribute the code, you can of course use this specific version as you want.


Original Doom 3 v.1.3 notes

So I decided to release the source. No need to sit on it...

It's complitely undocumented, as was the work I based mine on. The game code isn't the complex part, it's the shaders. I dont even remember how it exactly works anymore.. Fullscreen is captured, then a shader evaluates some pixels for brightness and renders a 2x2 output with that info. Second shader renders the blurred screen (times iterations) and adjusts the amount according to the 2x2 texture. Third shader then blends the result with the original render. If I remember right.

You can ask me via mail or on messenger, if you need help.


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