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sirjj has created a small multiplayer map that is intended for Deathmatch use, although it is suitable for all game-modes. The battles can be fierce in this map as, due to it's size, you will always be bumping into other players, as long as the numbers are greater then one. This is one map where your skills at ducking and weaving need to be polished, and you'll have to turn them corners fast if you want to be walking away with bragging rights when it's over with.

Refer to the readme for additional information.

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Download 'mp_bunker_v1.2.rar' (2.29MB)

map: jsd3dm1
mapname: bunker
my name: jason shawcross
aka: sirjj

this is a small doom 3 multiplayer map capable of playing in all game types
it was originally meant to be a ctf map but doom 3 dosent have ctf so i changed it
there should be low gravity but most of the time that dosent work 
feedback posted would be nice

unzip folder place jsd3dm1.pak into the base folder
map should then aperar in the multiplayer map selection list

copywright /credits
this map was created by me jason shawcross if redistrubuted this file must be included as is.
if map is changed or used as a base for a larger map credits must be given as apropriate.
this may not be used for any commercial explotation and can be distributed by any means free of carge
unless i give permission.

all content i.e. models, sounds, textures, are property of id software

credits to id for creating a briiliant (dark) game. id rules

now get playing

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