Camo Weapons



Are you tired of the same ol' look for your D3 small arms? Do you long for something different? If you're looking to change the way some of your weapons look in-game, then you're looking at the right file. koene007, a first time Doom3Files submitter, is here to share his Weapon Skin Pack! This mod will change your weapons so that they are all camouflaged. There are different types of camo used, some are done in the regular green camo colors and others are sporting the desert camo.

If you want to change the look of your Doom III adventure, then all you need to do is locate and click the download button for Camo Weapons and enjoy the mod!

Refer to the readme for more information.



place it in your main folder

this are a weapon skin pack for doom 3
all the weapons are camo
its relly nice

play with fun koene007

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