Camoflaged Weapons Mod

This is basically a skin pack, but it contains some modified sounds, and a modified texture for the "writeboard" mapobject.

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This is basically a skin pack, but it contains some modified sounds, and a modified texture for the "writeboard" mapobject.

List of modifications: - pistol -X , modified sound - shotgun - new skin, modified sound - machinegun - new skin, modified sound - chaingun - new skin, modified sound - plasmagun - new skin, changed sound - rocketlauncher - new skin, X - sentry - new skin, X - modified texture for the "writeboard" mapobject

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Camoflaged weapon mod for DooM3 weapons by Barni (2004 12-2005 01)


I stored my files into a *.pk4 file, but i'm not sure it will be working trough the DooM3 mod menu.
If it's not (i'd never tryed!) then you have to use the pk4scape pak browser to exchange the original files with new ones. My *.pk4 file contains the correct destination of the changed entryes, so you can find it easy.
For skins and textures search the pak001.pk4, and for sounds the pak003.pk4.
(With this method you won't be depend about updates and versions, you can use save games you had before, and mixed these skins with other mods.)
I suggest to use my mod with the Ultra Realistic Tactical Lights Mod by Wrake
About Camoflages:

I'd tried to make camoflages of each weapon nearly the same on world and view models.
They are not exectly the same, but you won't be noticed the differences during the gameplay.

I used 2 type of camoflages in this mod: a 5 color Woodland style, and a 3 color nato standard.
The colors sets of the camos for the inner areas of UAC buildings (they working in hell too).
That's why they are so gray.
About skinning:

That was unable to make an enjoable camo for BFG, because the view models top sides UV is complitely simmetrical in despite of the world modell isn't. This simmetrical UV mapping is minor in DooM3. That's why making a (good loking) camoflage is inpossible on most of the characters, enemyes and vehicles. The only exception i found is the sentry, because it's hard to see with each sides in the same time so you can't noticed the simmetry.
The Writeboard Texture is the memory of my failed attempts to camoflage the Mars Rover.

!!! If anyone have solution to remap UV of the simmetrical skinned models please contact me !!!


All of my work in this mod based on the DooM3 original ones, so thanks to DooM3 team.
Thanks to the creators of pk4scape and DDSconverter2, and the almost brilliant Zbrush.
The plasmagaun sound is from the TFC.
You can use my works to your mod (of course) just make a mention of me in your readme.

barni2 AT freemail DOT hu

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