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I've tried to make camoflages of each weapon nearly the same on world and view models. They are not exectly the same, but you won't be notic...


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I've tried to make camoflages of each weapon nearly the same on world and view models. They are not exectly the same, but you won't be noticed the difference during gameplay.

I used 2 types of camoflage in this mod: a 5-color Woodland style, and a 3-color nato standard. The colors sets of the camos for the inner areas of UAC buildings (they working in hell too). That's why they are so gray.

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Camouflaged Weapons Mod 1.0 2005 04 08 by Barni

This is basically a skin pack, but it contains some modified sounds, modified weapon and player funktions, new or modified items, and a camouflage for the 'rover'



pistol:         new sound, fire faster

shotgun:        new skin, modified sound, fire faster, less spread, reload 1 shell

machinegun:     new skin, modified sound

chaingun:       new skin, modified sound, fire faster, bullet faster, biger clip

plasmagun:      new skin, modified sound

rocketlauncher: new skin

bfg:            new skin

sentry:         new skin


shells_large: new model + skin

bullet_large: new model + skin

belt:         new model + skin

backpack:     rebuild UV + camouflaged skin

armor:        rebuild UV + camouflaged skin


rover: rebuild UV + camouflaged skin


Player ammo capacity reduced significantly. Not realistic, but more real.


+ skin for armor, belt, BFG (world and view model)
+ detailed text files about the cahanges i was made in *.def and *.script files, and the list of the lines in it with it's funtions during gameplay.


I stored my files into a *.pk4 file, but i'm not sure it will be working trough the DooM3 mod menu.
If it's not (i'd never tryed!) then you have to use the pk4scape pak browser to exchange the original files with new ones. My *.pk4 file contains the correct destination of the changed entryes, so you can find it easy.
pak000.pk4 - *.def,*.script files
pak001.pk4 - *.dds files
pak002.pk4 - *.lwo,*.tga files
pak003.pk4 - *.wav files
The files in the 'additonal files' folder won't be working in the game until you copy these files in it's specific places.
Some changes definied in *.def and *.script files may not working during gameplay, if you load an older save game. Then you must start a new game.
I suggest to use my mod with the Ultra Realistic Tactical Lights Mod by Wrake.

About skinning:

Most of camouflaged skins need NOT simmetrical UV to make an enjoable new skin.
I found a way to change the UVs, you can see this on backpack.lwo, armor.lwo, rover.lwo. But i didn't found a good lwo 2 md5 exporter to reskin marines, secutityes, and zombies. If anyone has a tip please sand me an email!

All of my work in this mod based on the DooM3 original ones, so thanks to DooM3 team.
Thanks to the creators of pk4scape and DDSconverter2, and the almost brilliant Zbrush.
The plasmagaun sound is from the TFC.
You can use my works to your mod (of course) just make a mention of me in your readme.
I studyed the works of the following moders to make my sets for weapons funktions: spawn-ft (q3arena_chaingun_style),Psychonaut (No-F.E.A.R),Mycelo (Mycelo's Weapon Enchancement mod for Doom 3)

If you think it's pointless to make changes like i made, may be you'r right: these are small things. But -you know- this is what i can add to the game.


barni2 AT freemail DOT hu

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