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NOTE- PLEASE READ BEFORE PLAYING: The .bat files are wrong. Edit them and replace carnage4 by carnage : it would look like this...


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The .bat files are wrong. Edit them and replace carnage4 by carnage : it would look like this :

carnage.bat doom3.exe +set fs_game carnage

carnageTestMap.bat doom3.exe +set fs_game carnage +map carnage

Check out this new weapon mod created by a friend of LMS named As_@$_1. of http://www.brokenworldz.fb.bz that adds secondary firing to the weapons! Scroll down to the readme to check out all the features. I haven't had a chance to test it out myself since I don't have windows but it looks very cool from the screenshots! Hopefuly I can convince him to make a linux compile ^^ Take care. -calimer http://lms.d3files.com

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Carnage Version 1.0b

This is a free DOOM3 mod, it can't be sold.
If you aren't able to run this mod, please download the lastest patch.
(Tested on DOOM3 + patch 1.1)

You'll find it at : www.idsoftware.com or www.doom3.com

                    1. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS
                    2. WHAT IS "Carnage"
                    3. HOW TO PLAY
                    4. CREDITS

DOOM3 minimal setting requirements.

    Carnage is a mod that enhances the DOOM3 weapons by providing a secondary
firing mode. The main firing mode is exactly the same as DOOM3; for the second
it is :

    - pistol auto quick shot.
    - shotgun fires 2 shells.
    - machinegun launches grenade with power time.
    - chaingun launches rockets.
    - 2 grenades are launched one after the other, the second launch
is quick but at the same power as the first one.
    - plagmagun has a very quick shot.
    - homing guided rockets
    - BFG, fists and chainsaw haven't been modified yet.

Unzip the carnage archive into your doom3 root directory.

    Archive content :
    ..\carnage\Carnage.pk4                    PK4 File
    ..\carnage\doomconfig.cfg                CFG File
    ..\carnage\LisezMoi.txt                    TXT File    
    ..\carnage\ReadMe.txt                    TXT File
    ..\carnage.bat                          Batch
    ..\carnageTestMap.bat                   Batch
In order to use this mod a key must be assigned to the secondary fire.
You can do this manually if you want to use your own config file by typing
the following line in the console :

bind "MOUSE2" "_button5"
      or other
Then you can launch the game and chose carnage in the mods menu.

Note : You can copy your doom3\base\savegames directory to carnage for
allowing you to resume a game from the begin of a level.

The batch file "carnage" launches the mod directly.
The batch "carnageDemoMap" launches the test map(score + bodycount).

    4. CREDITS

Mod made by As_@$_1.
Special thanks to LMS for putting it on here

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