Chrome Plated Cyberdemons

Those skins give the Cyberdemons a chrome plated appearance.



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Those skins give the Cyberdemons a chrome plated appearance.


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Red&Blue Cyberdemons with Chromium Mechanical parts.

There are 2, I repeat, 2 skins in here.

One is a red-fleshed cybie, the other a blue-fleshed cybie.

They both have Chromium mechanical parts and stuff, though.

If there are any bugs, e-mail me at psychotic_gerbil AT earthlink DOT net, or find some other way to contact me.
Create a folder in you Doom3 directory, and name it Red_Chrome_CyberDemon
or Blue_Chrome_CyberDemon- depending upon which skin you use.
Put the corresponding pk4 file into the folder.
Start up Doom3, and click on MODS at the bottom.
Select Red_Chrome_CyberDemon or Blue_Chrome_CyberDemon according to which one you want.
Press "Load Mod"
Play Doom3.

If you are going to host these skins on some other site, feel free to, but keep THIS readme in there. Do not tamper with what's inside.

You may not put these in a skin pack or mod - without MY explicit permission.
You may use my skins as a base for your own.

If you don't like these skins, uninstall them, or give me ideas on what I should change via e-mail.

-Psychotic Gerbil

-SilentBlade8 at FilesNetwork.

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