Church of Ruins



This SP map sets you near a church infested by demons. Its eerie ambience is convincing and succeeds to generate the same feeling of unease as in Doom 3. The same can be said about the scripted events: surprising! I haven't completely beaten it though... 'got dead before reaching the finishing line :/

I have been annoyed by the dropped fence at the beginning of the level: it blocks the player and in practice I like holding enemies at distance.

At last, in future maps, it would be a good thing to evolve this formula: one room -> many enemies. It becomes too predictable eventually.

*Good map* yet. You will want to play it in its entirety.




Made by Doodlebob
I would like to thank all the people who have made tutorials. 


1)Place the Church_of_Ruins.pk4 file in the Doom 3\base directory
  (default is C:\Program Files\Doom 3\base\)
2)Start Doom 3 and bring down the CONSOLE
  (press CTRL + ALT + ~)
3)In the console, write: map Church_of_Ruins
  Hit enter

4)The map should now load and have fun!

A small church is over run by demons on mars and it is your mission to destroy them to protect earth.There are a couple of hidden rooms and supprises waiting for you to find them.Also some rooms must be cleared of enemys before you can progress farther into the level to complete your objective.

Contact:[email protected]

note:( ~ button is to the left of one )
     (_ button is to the right of zero)

Changes from 1.0 to 1.1
pinky hallway(door was too small)
sound outside(if you walk back from start no wind sound)
find way to fix lift
expand room on roof 
One secret door makes sound 

more ammo and health 
more ambience 
round out some rooms 
some blocks on the roof wall 
a teleport to Boss 
table chairs 
more detail

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