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This is an update to the Classic Colors Skin Pack which I didn't r...


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This is an update to the Classic Colors Skin Pack which I didn't review and so am not totally sure what has changed in this one - the readme isn't clear on it!I like the idea here; bringing back some classic Doom can never hurt and they do look good, particularly the flying heads looking like skulls now. The pinky however I think has now took on the cute look which, while I thought that about him when I played it through originally, I'm definately at the "I want one" stage now.

Overall a good skin mod that will make the classic Doom veterans happy!

Reviewed by: WadeV1589

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Name- Classic Colors Skin Pack 1.2
Author- Revenant100
E-Mail- revenant100 AT hotmail DOT com

After a very long delay, I have finished a small update for my Classic Colors Skin Pack. This mod changes some of the Doom 3 monsters' colors back to match their original Doom 1 and 2 counterparts. The Imp, Pinky, Lost Soul, Cacodemon, Mancubus, Arch Vile, and Hell Knight are changed. All these have been improved (No more one-eyed Cacodemon), and 1.2 adds the Revenant, Zombieman, Doom Guy's gloves, and Doom Guy's hair skins.

How To Install-
1. Extract the "Classic Colors.pk4" to your main Doom 3 directory. A new sub-directory named Classic Colors should be created automatically.
2. Start Doom 3 and go to the Mods menu. Pick Classic Colors and click Load Mod. The mod will stay in effect until you exit Doom 3.

How to Uninstall-
1. Simply delete this pk4 file.

Special Note-
The skins will work in all modes of detail, but due to an issue with the dds normalmap, the normapmaps only work correctly in high and ultra detail. This only affects the Lost Soul and Doom Guy's gloves, but the difference is very minor.

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