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This is the latest release of the mod. You are encouraged to share your views on it as well as report any bugs you might find by posting on the official forums:

|- General Discussion for Classic DOOM 3 0.56 |- Bug Listing Thread

Happy Fragging!

Update History:

Beta 0.56 - Public release - Added custom DLL to control health-vital pickups - Added GUI fix for custom theme music

Beta 0.55 - Internal release - Fixed bugs in E1M2 - Fixed bugs in E1M5 - Fixed bugs in E1M9 - Resolved chaingun ammo bug with HUD

Beta 0.50 - Internal release - Added E1M2 - Added E1M5 - Added E1M9 - Added E1M1 Music - Added E1M2 Music - Added E1M3 Music - Added E1M4 Music - Added E1M5 Music - Added Theme Music - Finalised E1M1 (bug fixes) - Finalised E1M3 (bug fixes) - Finalised E1M4 (bug fixes) - Added new GUI - Added custom chaingin - Added custom rocket launcher - Increased chaingun fire rate - Decreased chaingun bullet damage - Decreased Shotgun accuracy - Decreased Pistol damage - Added red key - Added spectre (used with permission from Doom Chronicles modification)

Known Bugs:

-Weapon sequence in hud is incorrect. Unable to fix at this time



Current Development Team

Blaster - Level designer, created E1M3 and E1M5
Blazkowicz - Graphic artist, designed team logo and GUI graphics
Deadite - Sound effects
Gazz - Public relations and level designer. Created E1M4
GuyBrave - Texture Artist, created Rocket Launcher texture
Kazahana - Project leader, created E1M1 and E1M2 and general coding
RazorBladder - Texture artist, Item modeller
RGSPro - Web Master
Slogbog - Weapon Modeller. Created custom weapon models
SnoopJedi - GUI Programmer
Sonic Clang - Musician, composed full musical score


ID Software released the game, Doom 3, on September 8th 2004. As a follow up to an instant classic from 1994, there was a lot of weight on their shoulders to deliver an outstanding game to live up to their own legacy. With the release of Doom 3, they easily surpassed what the majority of Doom fans expected.

With the release of Doom 3 many modifications sprung up that allowed the altering of gameplay dynamics, however the first noticeable total conversion went by the name of Classic Doom 3.

Classic Doom 3 was originally conceived through Kazahana completing the creation of the all-time classic, E1M1 – The Hanger. Swiftly moving on, Kazahana decided to enter into the management of a full-blown total conversion for the Doom 3 graphics engine.
With this idea in place, a website was created advertising for extra people who were willing to put their own time into aiding in the creating of the modification.

Today the Classic Doom 3 total conversion has its basic gameplay set out before it, more members join the development team each week. With a large proportion of the maps being worked on, textures are drawn up and sounds being created, the whole atmosphere from the original Doom will be brought into the 21st Century.

Happy Fragging!


The mod should only be distributed as an install shield. This means that all you will need to do for making Classic Doom work is to run the provided EXE file (that this document is located within) and set the install directory to your Doom 3 folder.

At present there is no need to create a custom configuration file, as the standard Doom 3 controls are still available. We do not intend on altering the way Doom 3 renders the game world or the controls.

Current Status

Due to the large amount of work that is needed in bringing a total conversion of this scale to the gaming public, there are several team members who function independently, that, when their efforts are combined, the total conversion of Classic Doom 3 will take shape.
At present the status of the modification is on going. As time permits, this section of the development documentation will be updated.

Development Status as of 8th June 2005


Currently the graphical user interface is in the starting stages of development. Textures are created upon request for the relevant functions and any further artwork that is required will be created upon request.
Eventually we hope to have a complete, custom menu that reflects the nature of the project.

Gameplay Elements

General gameplay tweaks have been coded into Classic Doom 3 via definition files. At present we are learning how to use the software development kit to our advantage, but due to the simple nature of our project, the software development kit is not required.


Several maps are being created at this time and as such are in various stages of completion. Here is a list of the maps and their respective percentages of completion:

E1M1		Finished
E1M2		95% (Bug testing)
E1M3		Finished
E1M4		Finished
E1M5		95% (Bug testing)
E1M6		10%
E1M7		0%
E1M8		0%
E1M9		0%


The Music score from the original Doom game has started to be ported to the new Doom 3 engine. All music is being re-recorded with live instruments for a higher, more sonically pleasing score.
Sonic Clang has joined Flaming Sheep Software and so far has produced the following audio tracks:

Classic Doom 3 theme music


With the most recent release, Classic Doom 3 includes two custom weapon models.

Rocket Launcher

Both have custom sound effects and are fully working models within the game world.

Project Aims

The scope of the project will be towards the completion of the shareware episode 'Knee Deep In the Dead'. Once complete, Flaming Sheep Software will progress onto a new, original project that will not be related to the Doom universe. 

Multiplayer Support

Although the single player experience was the original aim of development, once the total conversion is completed, we may add multiplayer support along with the re-creation of some of the classic Doom death match levels played back in the day.
Of course this would require acceptance from the original death match level authors and also fan input to dictate what maps they would like to see running on the updated Doom 3 game engine.

There is currently a co-op modification being developed that we may be able to utilise when it enters a stable state. At the moment there are a lot of bugs due to only being in development for a very short time. Eventually when it is deemed stable enough, we will incorporate this co-op code into our modification with the approval of the original modification developer.

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