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This is the 1.1 version of Classic Doom 3 for Doom 3. This version contains the full episode of "Knee Deep In The Dead" in both single player and multiplayer styles. This is the final release from the Classic Doom 3 team, but proves to be a great one with a HUGE list of bug fixes and changes (found below in the readme).




DEVELOPER - Flaming Sheep Software
HOMEPAGE - http://cdoom.d3files.com
FORUMS - http://cdoom.d3files.com/forums


**Windows 2000/XP**
Double click on the installation file (classic_doom_3_1.1.exe) and follow the on-screen prompts.
Ensure that you direct the installer to your own Doom 3 directory when prompted.

**All other versions**
Using an un-extration utility, open the cdoom_v1.1.zip file and unpackage the CDoom folder into 
your Doom 3 directory on your hard-drive e.g. C:\Games\Doom 3.

**General Notes**
Either use the CDoom.exe to run the MOD or go into Doom 3 as normal and select 'MODS' from the
main menu. Select 'Classic Doom 3' and the click on 'Load MOD' to load CDoom into Doom 3.

To remove Classic Doom 3 simply delete the CDoom folder from your Doom 3 directory.

Please make sure no other MODS are loaded along side CDoom unless stated by the MOD that it
works with CDoom.

To add a shortcut for CDoom to your desktop simply right click on the CDoom.exe file in the
CDoom folder and then click on 'Create Shortcut'. Drag the shortcut to your desktop and 
rename. To get the Classic Doom 3 icon to appear for the shortcut, right click on the shortcut 
and then click properties. Then select the 'Shortcut' tab and then click on the 'Change Icon'
button. Point the shortcut to the .icon file in the Doom 3/cdoom folder and then click on 'OK' 
and then 'Apply'.


KAZAHANA - Project Founder & Level Designer. Created E1M1, E1M2, E1M7 & DEF coding.

GAZZ - Project Leader & Level Designer. Created E1M4, E1M8, E1M9 & ending maps.

BLASTER - Level Designer. Created E1M3, E1M5, E1M6, intro maps, map optimising & bug fixing.
HOMEPAGE - http://www.freewebs.com/blasters-maps

RAZORBLADDER - Texture Artist & Item Modeller.

SLOGBOG - Weapons Modeller.

SONIC CLANG - Musician. Composed full musical score & cinematic sound effects.
HOMEPAGE - http://sonicclang.ringdev.com

DEADITE4 - Coder. Additional sound effects & DLL coding.

BLAZKOWICZ - Graphic Artist. Designed team logo & GUI graphics.

SNOOPJEDI - GUI Programmer & DLL coding.
HOMEPAGE - http://home.comcast.net/~snoopjedi

GUYBRAVE - Texture Artist. Created rocket launcher texture, Doom marine model & textures.

BHENDERSON - Animator. Cinematic coordinator. Additional modelling.

THUMPMONK - Musician. Remastered all tracks & created E1M9 musical score.
HOMEPAGE - http://www.thumpmonks.com/thumpstump

ENYX - Modeller. Item models & textures.

ECHOSTATIC - Website designer.
HOMEPAGE - http://www.phreque.com

SPECIAL THANKS - Calimer and the Last Man Standing team for guidance during the last phase of 
development. Id Software for creating Doom 3. Our friends, family for their support
and of course to all of our fans! Our testers AzShadow, Death Stalker, Nexus and 

Check out the Last Man Standing 3.0 at http://lms.d3files.com which now features Classic 
Doom 3.


Due to the amount of time the final release has taken, we have decided to call it a day now
and as such there are several bugs that are still in place within the modification. Although
these bugs are present and known about, they very minor in the greater scheme of things. The
following bug is the most substantial that we know about:

E1M1 Autorun
It seems that if autorun is enabled during play of the first level, and then the level is 
restarted, the autorun feature is disabled automatically without any user intervention. The
work around is simply to enter the menu system and toggle the option twice for the preferred
effect to be in place once more.


** Version v1.1 - Public release **
- Removed Chainsaw lockon due to poor implementation
- Fixed raise animation
- Fixed shotgun textures
- Fixed shotgun invisible material problem (untested)
- Fixed shotgun self-shadow problem in multiplayer 
- Decreased shotgun guy accuracy
- Skip intro option added to main menu

** Version v1.09 - Internal release **

-Fixed slime seam not joining together in E1M1
-Lowered mega armour in E1M1 as it was floating slightly off the ground
-Added dead Doom Marines to certain levels
-Fixed music not playing in all multiplayer levels
-Fixed menu to allow to bind screenshot to a key
-Fixed all maps to make sure player can't use the sp exits in mp
-Added autosave pics to maps that had none
-Adjusted lights in red corridor in E1M2
-Removed fat Zombies with a graphical glitch on their textures
-Completed and fixed intermission screen
-Adjusted swinging light models so no flickering texture is seen in the middle of them
-Removed smoke from the exploding corridor in E1M2
-Adjusted credits slightly
-Fixed blank screen when completing E1M7
-Fixed blue doors being seen through walls in E1M7
-Fixed stretched textures on the doors in E1M7
-Glass applied with colour in E1M8
-Fat zombies in E1M2 removed and replaced with different zombies to avoid graphical glitch
-Corrected E1M2 when loading it from the mp menu and from an autosave
-Amplified the 'find some meat.ogg' file so it can be heard better in E1M2
-Added support for monsters to kill each other if hit by a different enemy type
-Added chainsaw lockon
-Changed packpack values to the way they were in the original Doom
-Fixed save bug in the intermission screen and added scrolling text
-Stroggified the ending voice over to make him sound more evil
-Pinky attack knockback reduced

** Version v1.08 - Internal release **

-Simplified HUD added and location bar deleted
-All maps bug fixed from v1.0
-Fixed end credits not showing CDoom logo
-Fixed custom CDoom gui screen when player starts new game
-Created brand new readme file
-Updated all levelshots to show new item models changes
-Updated intermission screen and added 'map_no' to all maps
-Fixed faulty shotgun pickup textures

** Version v1.07 - Internal release **

-Second half of the music added to the intro
-Shotgun fixed after looking weird in the end cinematic
-New item models added

** Version v1.06 - Internal release **

-Fixed DoomGuy's head appearing in the HUD in multiplayer
-Ensured DoomGuy's head stays attached to body in multiplayer
-Fixed Deathmatch server displaying as CdoomDM instead of 'deathmatch'
-Added weapon models, textured & imported into the game
-Fixed weapon balancing issues
-Certain menu parts re-done to fit the aesthetic scheme of the rest of the menu
-Mouse sensitivity slider has a better interval
-Map loading progress bar functional again
-E1M7 optimised to run much faster
-DoomGuy gloves added
-New shotgun model and pickup model added

** Version v1.0 - Public release **

-Added deathmatch support to all maps
-Improved weapon placement for deatmatch mode
-Modified play-area for E1M6 (deathmatch mode)
-Modified play-area for E1M7 (deathmatch mode)
-Added E1M9 music to replace Classic Doom 3 theme
-Added multiplayer menu's to custom menu
-Fixed many bugs in all aspects of the mod
-All music remastered for higher quality sound
-Fixed many bugs related to cinematic playback
-Added custom Doom player model for cinematics & deathmatch
-Added custom skins for Doom player model in deathmatch

** Beta v0.90 - Internal release **

-Added E1M6
-Added E1M7
-Added E1M8
-Added E1M4 Remake
-Added E1M6 Music
-Added E1M7 Music
-Added E1M8 Music
-Added intro cinematic
-Added ending cinematic
-Increased chaingun fire rate
-Decreased chaingun damage per bullet
-Decreased shotgun damage per pellet
-Added custom sounds for weapons
-Added custom sounds for item pickups
-Added deathmatch support via DLL

** Beta v0.56 - Public release **

-Added custom DLL to control health-vial pickups
-Added GUI fix for custom theme music

** Beta v0.55 - Internal release **

-Fixed bugs in E1M2
-Fixed bugs in E1M5
-Fixed bugs in E1M9
-Resolved chaingun ammo bug with HUD

** Beta v0.50 - Internal release **

-Added E1M2
-Added E1M5
-Added E1M9
-Added E1M1 Music
-Added E1M2 Music
-Added E1M3 Music
-Added E1M4 Music
-Added E1M5 Music
-Added Theme Music
-Finalised E1M1 (bug fixes)
-Finalised E1M3 (bug fixes)
-Finalised E1M4 (bug fixes)
-Added new GUI
-Added custom chaingin
-Added custom rocket launcher
-Increased chaingun fire rate
-Decreased chaingun bullet damage
-Decreased Shotgun accuracy
-Decreased Pistol damage
-Added red key
-Added spectre (used with permission from Doom Chronicles modification)

** Alpha v0.25 Coverdisk edition **

-Fixed stamina on E1M3
-Fixed stamina on E1M4
-Slight graphical alterations on E1M4
-Fixed EXE installer bug

** Alpha v0.25 **

-Game now loads from Gui, no more need for "map e1m1" command.
-E1M1 bugs fixed
-E1M3 bugs fixed
-E1M4 bugs fixed
-Chaingun ammo now correctly displayed
-Crash on backpack pickup resolved
-Resolved "low ammo" flashing error due to lack of reload in Cdoom
-Altered weapon damage for pistol
-Altered weapon damage for shotgun
-Health stops at 100 for standard stimpacks and medikits

** Alpha v0.20 **

-Finalisation of E1M1
-Update of E1M3
-Update of E1M4
-Definition clean up
-Removal of ammo-clip crash bug
-Monsters do not drop pistols

** Alpha v0.19 - Internal Release **

-Installer tested
-Update of E1M1
-Addition of E1M3
-Addition of E1M4
-Alteration of movement speed
-Custom item models

** Alpha v0.12 **

-Reworking of E1M1
-Alteration of movement speed and hud

** Alpha v0.1 **

-Internal creation of E1M1


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