Classic Shotgun Skin



This is an updated version of the shotgun texture I released on D3Files. I redid the entire skin and cleaned it up quite a bit - you'll notice the wood texture of the diffuse map is much more vibrant than before. I also redid the specular maps of both the view model and world model.

However, since I don't have Photoshop, I could not create a new local map for either model without making it look unprofessional (I noticed that when you shine the flashlight directly on a moveable shotgun, you'll notice where the original texture used to be because of the unedited bump map - just ignore it for now.

I do intend on editing the local maps to make this mod more professional - it'll take some doing (especially since I don't have the luxery of using Photoshop), but I know I can do it. So don't expect another release of this mod for a while.




	'Classic Shotgun Skin v1.1' by Robert Black,
	formerly known as 'Shotgun with Wooden Pump'

For more info, contact me at: music25 AT telus DOT net

Extract the folder 'Classic Shotgun Skin v1.1' to wherever you store your mods 
(in my case, that's C:\Program Files\DOOM 3\Mods\). To install, just copy and 
paste the 'pak008' PK4 to your DOOM 3\base directory, for example:

	C:\Program Files\DOOM 3\base\

Now you can play with a shotgun that has a wooden pump, much like the original
shotgun from DOOM and DOOM II. For a sample of the old texture, look for the mod
'Shotgun with Wooden Pump v1.0' on D3Files <doom3.filefront.com>.

-R. Black

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