Cold Breath

1)Muzzle flashes and projectile lighting 2)Added tracers the chaingun


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1)Muzzle flashes and projectile lighting 2)Added tracers the chaingun

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- Cold_Breath_0.5.pk4 -

Name	: port66
Title	: Cold Breath 0.5
Install	: Extract into the doom\ folder and run the bat

Any bugs or dodgy changes email me with the above 


Description :

Small mod that contains the following. :

Changes a few annoying sounds for :

*Player Death
*Medium-Large Pain
*Lost Soul

by adding a bit of wet and small Eq`in touches.

1)Makes the flashlight like it should be
2)Changes minor player movements
3)Better looking teleportors
4)More relistic bounce of movable objects
5)Small weapon changes for :

Hand Grenades

Added a bit of reverb to MachineGun fire sound

changes since 0.1

1)	BFG has become a BFG with added size of explosion
2)	Grenades now leave a smoke trace then explode like
	a next millenium grenade should by adding more 
3)	Chaingun bullets now spark when hitting walls
4)	Pistol barral smoke
5)	Creatures have added particle after they been killed
6)	Slow down player walk/run speed to suit the doom3
	world more realistically
7)	Plasma weapon now glows after each round/magazine
8)	Shotgun has barral smoke for the man shooters, and 
	leaves decals when firing and leaves decal
9)	Fists no longer gib
10)	Pistol no longer gib
11)	MachineGun no longer gib
12)	Imp fireballs now leave trails
13)	Minor changes to smoke and steam throughout the game
14)	Modified blood splats
15)	New rocket blast
16)	New pistol smoke
17)	New chaingun smoke +wall smoke,spark
18)	New shotgun smoke+wall sparks
19)	New rocket blast
20)	New grenade trail +explosion
21)	New BFG explosion
22)	Moved flashlight target point up slightly, and position 
	on screen
23)	Made player faster, crawl slower
24)	New imp health
25)	New pinky health
26)	New wraith health
27)	New cacodemon health
28)	New lostsoul health
29)	New bernie health
30)	New boney health
31)	New chainsaw health
32)	New commando health
33)	New commando_cgun health

Explosion changes made for a more complete look and to
be more feisible in MP Games


New in 0.5

1)Muzzle flashes and projectile lighting
2)Added tracers the chaingun

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