Conscientious Objector

Conscientious Objector - killing is for wimps.

It's 2147 and you're going back to Mars City. Only this time, it's not as a hero...


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Conscientious Objector - killing is for wimps.

It's 2147 and you're going back to Mars City. Only this time, it's not as a hero. Got your interest now, eh? Well, read on...The UAC has pushed a new bill through world government to use maximum security prisoners on missions with high casualty rates. Ex-marines, especially those who have refused to bear arms, are seen as the best men for the job: they've been well trained, and no-one cares if they don't make it back.

You're going to need some firepower, but don't expect it to be anything other than non-lethal force. There's a shotgun down there somewhere, but it's only loaded with rubber bullets. To make things even more uncomfortable, you've been sent down with a direct radio transmitter to an embittered, crippled marine whose supposed to get you out in one piece, but is happy to remind you every step of the way that he's rooting for the zombies.

Being a covict, the UAC wanted some way to ensure's no good to send you on a mission, only to have you go AWOL, how did they accomplish this? It's simple, there's a bomb wired to your brain in case you don't do as you're told.

Refer to the readme for additional information.

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Release date: 27th June 2008

Installing Conscientious Objector

Unpack Conscientious Objector into your Doom base folder (normally C:Doom3)

To run the game, load Doom 3 and select Mods from the bottom of the menu screen. Clicking on Conscientious Objector will start the game.


Conscientious Objector uses the standard Doom controls. 

Gameplay and background

Conscientious Objector sends you back to Mars City to upload data from a terminal two years after the original crisis. This time, however, you're not going in as a heroic marine, but
the lowest of the low: a prisoner from a maximum security jail.

As an ex-marine who refused to bear arms, this makes you scum of the highest order. You've been teamed up with a handler, who will give you instructions as you progress, but don't expect any congratulations or encouragement.

To make things worse, not only do you have a problem with killing things, but there's no way the UAC are going to let you get your hands on any proper weapons. That means you are going in unarmed, up against a base full of zombies. The good news is, there is a pacifier - a shotgun converted for civil disputes somewhere in the admin offices. The bad news is that it's only armed with rubber bullets...

Conscientious Objector was developed in thechineseroom, a development project based at the University of Portsmouth, UK. The project website is


Written and produced by Dan Pinchbeck
Build by Adam Griffiths at Dark Rock Games -
Programming by Chris Jubb
Music by Jessica Curry
Voice Acting by Nick Bartlett
Recorded at Middle Street Studios by Phil Thompson & Jack Malpas-Coker


Mark Eyles
David Goodman 
Friends and colleagues in both the Advanced Games Research Group and the School of Creative Technologies
Barry Atkins and Mike Reddy at the Newport School of Art & Design 
Jess for not just providing an amazing score, but putting up with me when I was insufferably high or low


thechineseroom mods were funded through a speculative research grant from the Arts & Humanities Research Council, UK.


For any other information, contact [email protected]


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