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Taking inspiration from the 92FS DeLuxe and my own "Golden Gun" mod, this i...


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Taking inspiration from the 92FS DeLuxe and my own "Golden Gun" mod, this is an improvement of that mod. I've created what I think are some very slick pistol skins.

For starters, I've improved the 24K gold skin with tiger stripe grips, making it more better. I've also created a pistol skin with a sterling silver finish and complimented it with ivory grips. And lastly, I created a skin with a blued finish and marble grips.

This is some of the best work I've done in several weeks, and I hope to do more. I should note that I've been using GIMP now, which I think is just as good as Photoshop (it's FREE, too ;) !)

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy these new skins as much as I had fun making them. Feel free to use my skins in your mods, as long you give me the credit as creator of these skins. Until our next encounter...

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	Custom Pistol Finishes v1.0 by Rob B.

For more info, contact me at: music25 AT

Extract the folder 'Custom Pistol Finishes v1.0' to wherever you store your mods 
(in my case, that's C:\Program Files\DOOM 3\Mods\). To install, just copy and 
paste ONE of the included PK4s (whichever finish suits your fancy) to your base 
directory, like this:

	C:\Program Files\DOOM 3\base\, or...

If you have 'RoE' installed, you can copy and paste the PK4 there:

	C:\Program Files\DOOM 3\d3xp\

Placing the file in this directory also ensures that this mod will be picked up 
by 'RoE' (the def in the main 'd3xp' PK4 will overwrite the one in the 'base'

Happy DOOMing!

-Rob B.

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