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Dafama2K7 has been keeping himself busy, much to the delight of the Doom III community; With his latest corrospondance, he has sent in the...


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Dafama2K7 has been keeping himself busy, much to the delight of the Doom III community; With his latest corrospondance, he has sent in the newest updates for his popular singleplayer mod: D3 Alpha Mod! This update will work with Doom III Base only!

This mod is for anyone that enjoys Doom III, but want a little more out of the experience; Once D3 Alpha is installed, among all the other changes, you'll begin to notice that some sounds and textures have been changed, and could be considered better then the stock Doom3 version.

Some fixes in this version include:

  • Fixed Bernie, they now has a new fireball.
  • Fixed Char_Sentry; smarter and doesn't stop at random places like before.
  • Fixed Enpro bridge.
  • Fixed Double-Shotgun.

Dafama2K7 has worked long and hard to provide the latest version of this mod to the Doom 3 community, which is chalk ram full of Doom goodness and some serious good time-adventures! ...But don't rely on the spoken word, download it and find out for yourself.

Some changes included are:

  • New SFX sounds for many weapons, npcs, doors and environment.
  • New Weapons:
    • BFG: will be more like the weapon_DMG from Quake IV
    • Shotgun: Similar to the one from Fear.
    • Machinegun: Now has a better skin, more accurate and optimized, similar to the one from Fear, but better sound.
    • Chaingun: Like the one from Fear with better sound.
  • New A.I. for all monsters

Refer to the readme for additional information.

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Download 'd3_alpha_v13_update.rar' (452.15MB)

Readme File:

D3_alpha v1.3 by Dafama2k7

Version History...:

v1.3 base & roe updates

Added better white particles for smoke, like in E3.
Added better & smart A.I., specially for Wraith and any jumping monster.
Balanced some weapons and monsters.
Fixed Enpro bridge letting them to open/move.
Next Generation GFX for D3 thanx to Brilliant Highlights by Maha-x and improved by me.
NEW bump-maps and normal mapping thanx to D3-Alpha.
NEW SFX sounds for many weapons, npcs, doors and environment.
NEW A.I. for all monsters, smart and they now don't throw fireballs in very close range, only in middle to long range, jump more and are more aggressive !
Specially Imps and Vulgars, faster running, tweaked phisics to let them be able to kick anything at they're pass !!!
Also Maggots, Wraiths, cherubs, trites, Hellknights and Hunters improved in one way or another...
Fixed Bernie, they now has a new fireball and they used more and on any SP/MP levels.
Fixed Char_Sentry, smart and doesn't stop on some random places like before.
Removed Allyed-Marines from base v1.52 and up, because they eat too much memory for the base version, i prefer to add another better things than to keep this.
NEW weapon_BFG that will be more like the weapon_DMG from Quake IV, this weapon features are dragging any objects/monsters/npcs closer to the fireball ! (But this version is not based on BFG_Vortex, this a different approach 
made by me.), also with better FX particles.
NEW weapon_shotgun and double_shotgun fixed, similar tor Fear one.
NEW weapon_machinegun, better skin, more accurate and optimized, similar tor Fear one and better sound.
NEW weapon_chaingun, like the Fear one and better sound.
NEW weapon_pistol, more accurate, better skin, better sound.
NEW weapon_chainsaw, reduced the light radius.
NEW weapon_rocketlauncher, changed sound for missiles.
New Ragdolls for the Forgottens and LostSouls...

v1.2 ROE full release.

The same but for ROE, i have to say this version has surprissed me, it's very good !

New, more agressive A.I. for jumping Demons !

v1.2 update

Many bug fixes.

Some SP maps changed to feel similar to the E3 demo, and some monsters exchanged in this maps, 
try going into some bathroom !

New, more agressive A.I. for jumping Demons !

v1.1 update

Fixed missing .def files damage.def and moveables.def.

Fixed monsters, thud sounds & removed old bad .md5xxx anims !

I have now fixed black boxes, make use of more things from E ...and... 3

Fixed melee & thud zombies sounds.

Better use of the textures of some new models.

More E3 sounds used.

Better Particles, fx, materials...

v1.0 First release

I have still to fix the black doors.

I have still to fix some sounds, guis and textures, make more E3 like things...

I have to put some better A.I., but keeping the feeling of E3 release.

This is a mod that contains textures, sounds & from varied resources & another mods, try it, it's big, but it is worth every bit of it, sure !!!

Many sounds and textures are much better than original Doom 3, not all, but in next versions i will update and fix any bug or bad sound, texture or gui...

I personally think that for some reason D3 seems even more playable, it is like playing the E3 2003/4 official video but on modern Doom 3, try it and tell me, what you think...

Thanx Id software for making this number one game !!!


Easy as 1,2,3, only drop the d3_alpha folder into Doom 3 folder, NOT base and start Doom 3, select d3_alpha from the mods list and your ready !!!

This mod needs the next command to be activated first, from the doomconfig.cfg or autoexec.cfg better...:

set image_usePrecompressedTextures 0

To be able to see the textures has to be "0", ok !!!

I have already made this in the configs, but to be sure i let anyone know this !!!

If enabled from console then has to restart the video doing this...:


That's all !

Warning !!!...:

This mod requieres always to be set the "image_usePrecompressedTextures" to "0" in the Doomconfig.cfg or better in the autoexec.cfg, included, but i tell you just to be sure, because the better textures only can be seen using this command, and then make vid_restart !

If you can view the weapons and monsters and some map and objects textures different then all is ok !!!


This mod doesn't need any patch or update, but better you have at least Doom 3 v1.3.0 or higher installed !

Mmmmhhh, boy, gnnnngghhhiii ahhh, uh, oh (zombie language ;-)) !!!

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