D3 Duct Tape

duct_tape_v13a_full.zip —


file pak005.pk4 in your Doom3/base directory.2 : Have nice fun !!!!History:v1.3a - Added now start all weapons with mounted flashlights set to ON by default. - Fixed muzzleflashes, now really are like in F.E.A.R., even the colour ! - Activated no ammo, empty fire to pistol weapon. - Optimized all weapons and fixed bugs.v1.3 - Enhanced muzzleflashes to the best, using fx with shadows a la F.E.A.R. !!! - Reduced radius for flashlights. - Updated & enhanced all weapons scripts. - Now all weapons mounted flashlights can be turned on & off with easy just by pressing reload key inside the flashlight item. - Optimized chaingun firing is threaded now and includes Predator style non stop rounding barrel !


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