D3 FullShadows



Dafama makes his return to D3Files, to provide you with his latest and greatest mod which improves the realism and increases your Resurrection of Evil gaming experience! For those not in-the-know, D3 FullShadows changes your game so that all of the lights in Doom III will throw of shadows, so just like in real life, when light is blocked by a surface, or object, there is no light cast past it.

The change in this version include:

  • Fixed bugs
  • Updated shaders.

Note: - This version is for the D3: RoE expansion only, for the Base version, click here.

Refer to the readme for additional information.



D3XP FullShadows v1.3

This mod makes Doom3 ROE do all lights with full shadows in the maps of the singleplayer Retail game and ROE Expansion pack.

Now, all lights will have shadows..., from a simple led to the lights of Mars surface !!!


v1.3 - Fixed bugs & updated shaders.

v1.0 - First release.

Attention !...: This mod needs at least v1.3 patch !

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