D3 In The Dark

Here is version 1.3 of D3 In The Dark! Enjoy!


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Here is version 1.3 of D3 In The Dark! Enjoy!

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Download 'd3_inthedark_v13.zip' (30.36MB)

D3_intheDark v1.3

This mod makes Doom 3 close all lights in the maps of the singleplayer Retail game.
Attention !...: This mod needs the latest v1.3 or higher patch !

Now you will feel the TRUE FEAR and HORROR this game can make !!!
You only have the Flashlight to advance and the light that makes the weapons when you or the monsters fires them...

Note...: Not all lights are OFF, I am leaved a small amount of moveable Swinglights and DeskLamps !!!

Warning !...: This mod is NOT for the users that hate DARKNESS, the porposse of this Mod is to make Doom 3 much more Dark than already is, but making the only lights the FlasLight and the Weapons !!!

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