D3 New AI V1.05 PART ONE

This is the first download of the D3 New AI mod. There are 5 downloads.

This mod is for everyone who loves D3 as it is, except with more...


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File Description

This is the first download of the D3 New AI mod. There are 5 downloads.

This mod is for everyone who loves D3 as it is, except with more upgrades.

Check it out, and have a good time with it.


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Download 'd3newai_small_v1_05.zip' (14.41MB)

D3newAI version 1.5 Small version.	(sorry, i would send the big version in a few days !)

(The v1.5 small version is a more complete than the old v1.0 beta, but it is not the BIG version !)

This Mod is dedicated to all users that love Doom 3 as it is, and only want more upgrades, because Doom 3 is one of 
the BEST games in HISTORY (not only for the gfx ,but because they have the best playability ever seen !!!)

Thanx also to all ID and all the modders that I have taken parts of their mods to mix with mine (materials, particles, fx, models, skins and sound).

(But the majority of the .Defs and .scripts
 are mine also.)

Note...: This the not complete documentation of my big mod Unpredictable for Doom 3, but in this ZIP file
i only have included the latest version of my newAI script files for Doom 3, that said this is full usable as a mod.

Installation...: Only have to drag the d3newAI folder into Doom 3 folder (not base) and run Doom 3 ,select d3newAI 
from MOD list and start playing any map...

Example...: Open the console and enter...: map game/alphalabs2.map

First: (sorry for my bad English !!!)

Features: (Incomplete list of Features for now...)

(Latest big features that i remember, because there are thousand of things in my mod !)

NewAI - That i change and make it better every day, and bugfixes for the simple d3newai_v10beta that i released a couple of weeks.

Full Shadows - Now, all the lights in the game maps have Full Shadows

Dynamic lights and shadows for all weapons that uses it.

More Interaction - 90% of objects that have moveable versions, now all this are moveable in any past, present and future map.

The monsters will show and use anims that are already in the game but Id (thank you Id) dont activate it ¿why? ¿?, anyway i am activating all that i find and will activate more in next updates !!!

For Example: The Monster_Zombie_Bernie now can launch fireballs (later will launch fire, like Archvile !) and Monster_Demon_Archvile will his actual attacks and a new one that id called it Incinerate...)

Ammo, weapons and other object now moveables (like ROE)

I included some things like in ROE in this mod but i want the style of normal Doom 3 (more scary !).

Skills 0 and 1 are EASY, Skills 2 or more are hard and crazy respectiveli :-)

and... oh common i will upload this now, i will explain all the features later, i promise, but for now try it, load any good map from the game or from your best collection and go !!!

I will update and change this mod every month for ever, if i can and we want !

The game adapts more things depending on the Skill selected, for example: For Skill lesser than 2, the monsters_demons doesn't resurrect, but zombies...

Please note...: Important, i added a file named zzz_d3newai_plus.pk4.zip that is inactive, if you remove the .zip extension of this file's name, then the game will show his full potential...;-) (but first, try the normal version only !)

****** UnpredictablE DooM 3 v.1.0beta ******

Created by David Fabrega Maestre.

1 - The purpose...:

Modder Creator Intentions (purpose) and Importants things that I want
to do with this Mod...:

The true purpose of my Mod. is to give any Doom 3 player more FEAR...,
HOW ??? To give D3 players more Inmersion, integration, interaction,
playability and the most important thing to me, they have to be Totally
Unpredictable, ah, and remeber this, this mod. like Doom 3, are to be
played investigating all the rooms slowly, paused, admiring all the gfx,
anims, etc. and giving D3 and my mod. the time to FEAR you, and convince
you that you are...

"Lonely on a Mars planet, a distance long away from your beloved Earth,
you have to thing that your mission is not only to save the Earth from the
Dangerous and Unknown Demoniac Monsters that have just entered this Mars
base, the base you have been arrived and started to work for, you just
acomplished your first Sargent Kelly's orders but now what happned ,your
lonely ?, one thing is for sure, your lost, and your mind can't understand
the Horror you barely have seen. Now, feel the terror ,feel the mix of
blood, gunpowder and burned flesh. but, eeehhhhhh, all is not lost, you
know the only way to exit this maledict base is to find the Sargent Kelly
and acomplish the orders they give you, remember, you are a marine and
your mind have to be cool and react fast, you can do it !!! "

As it is, my mod. want to FEAR you, Scare you, forget F.E.A.R. game,
forget HL2, the best ploace to FEAR you is DOOM, but not only the easy
way --> Imp in the rear of the next door, but with Intelligent FEAR,
giving the TIME to transport you to a vulnerable state and then...
you doesn't know when you will die, when the lights will leave you,
when and who is coming at you ,to Kill you, to Eat you, because this
things would be NOW UNPREDICTABLE...

2 - Who i am ?

First, i'm a 100% Fan of Doom I, II & especially;
III ,and i want to say a very BIG Thank You to Id Software and all
the DooM Community of fans, Modders and Map Creators around the World !

I'm sorry for my English ,but i do what i can... Now, let me explain
what my MOD. for Doom III can do and especially what is diferent and new
that would be interesting to you:

1 - This modification have many parts, there's a part that will
give a better lock and feel than the original and this are parts of mods
taken from another Very Good people that IMO they have small and big things
that I liked very much, I then changed, optimized and bettered (only the
.def's & .script's parts are changed by me) just so can be included in my
mod. This files are Materials, models, shaders, textures, that make Doom 3
more Beautyfull and Espectacular !

2a - My main Work which i continue to Make and Create NEW Very Good
THINGS, (.def's & .script's ) they're controll the A.I., which i'm most
interested, the way the game is played, (better playability) and many more
things i next explain in more depth below...
3 - and finally my own configuration, (especially for ATI gfx card's
9200 or later !) I have an ATI 9800 Pro with 256Mb. , I know that the best
way to play Doom 3 is with an NVidia gfx card but this is what I have and
after try & tweake ,try & tweake and try & tweake, many, many, many month's
(yes, month's) i can safely say that for ATI users there's no better config.
file around that can do what they do at Max. Quality with NO FPS cost,
effectively they'll give more FPS than normally with only 512Mb. or plus of
memory and an AMD Athlon 1700+ or higher CPU. (this where my config.) All
very basic for today's standards.

Well, next will give you my MOD. especifications (part 2b of the above):

Weapons: They now have click, click sounds and animation (thank's to I.F.D.O.)
they originally from the IFDO mod. where very good but i tweaked a little to fix
small bugs, not from IFDO mod, but from Id (previously the machineGun & ChainGun
cause's OverFlow when pressed the fire button for more than 5 secons) and add
better feel (try the ChainGun for example).

The view position have been changed to cause more visual Impact and Proximity !
Fire Rate and velocity have changed to push and move more the small moveable
object which can touch.
Make more light (with muzzleFlash) in the fire of the Gun and in the
position the fire collides.
Added more spread to some weapons (not all) ,more mass to the Hand-Grenade,
better optimization and many things I dont remember...
Brass stay more, but not infinitely (to save memory).
All the ammor that eject brass also do flesh sound in the flesh collision place
of the Human/Zombie/Monster that have been hit !
All the weapons sounds come from a mix of Trent Reznor's package and other's.
Ammo: Decreassed the Ammo of all the weapons and the ammo that the packs can

A.I.: Ahhh, my favourite tweakes, I changed the A.I. of many Demon Monsters and
Zombies and ...

Trite & Tick: This one and his brother Trite_jump and his parent Tick now the jump
ability have been extended to be able to jump to a locations above him that he can't
go before, he's jump is now more fast and higher. When he can't continue to chase the
player because he cannot go forward he will try to jump ,etc...

Cherub & Maggot: He will do like the Trites & Ticks, it will try to jump to a
location above him and chase the player !

Imp & Vulgar: Now, him are more faster and dangerous, he will hunt you anywhere you

Note !!!: Some day I'm playing Doom 3 with my Mod. and when I was spawned on d3m3 map
I open the console and spawn a Vulgar with Health 2000, because I only have my pistol
and nothing more we try to run and go to another place betwen me and Vulgar, on another
time I was on an upper location than the Vulgar, I will jump from my position to another
location that I was thinking where safe, in the middle of my jump the Vulgar jumped from
his lower position, I can't acomplish my jump because the Vulgar kill me before I was on
the safe location...

Archvile: He now can do one more new attack, this new attack is like the one of the
Guardian's and you will have to jump when Archvile uses this attack, to save your life !

Revenant: There are now two Revenants ,one with guided missiles and one without.

And many more monsters and changes, bugfixes, etc...

Sorry, but this document it's unfinished, in the next version v1.0 Final, that should be
available in a month more or less, the full document would be done.
Also I want you to know that I will make more new, better and bugfixed versions of my Mod.
every two to three months.

Note...: I will apreciate feedback and comments from any of you, thank you.

Doom 3 is the Best !!!

The next list of Mods is to name and to give a very big thank you to the Mod. authors I was
taken a part or more from his Mods, I like very much all this Mods, but don't know personally
anyone of his authors...:

Detailed Doom 3 - better Textures
Parallax Mapping - Parallax Mapping
Poly Modifier - better looking People
TweakeDoom v4 - Textures
Ultimate Mod - Lightning Effects
UEQ Mod - Self Shadowing
View Mod - Textures
1024x1024 Monsters - High Resolution of Monsters
Relief Mapping - Structure for Textures
Enhanced Doom 3 - different changes
Faiakes Alt Entended - Particle Effects
GTX Mod - Menu Animations, Bloom Shader
Trent Reznor Sounds - a lot of new Sounds
Carnage - Explosion Effects
UAC Sentry - you can spawn a sentry bot
And many other i have forgotten this time but I will include on a later version...

Sorry, if i have forgotten anybody.

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