What could be better then a new mod to improve your game? ...How about a new version of a familiar mod! We have, for your immediate enjoym...


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What could be better then a new mod to improve your game? ...How about a new version of a familiar mod! We have, for your immediate enjoyment, another graphics mod that is sure to increase enhance your Doom III gaming experience. This one comes from FreedomPLMarcin; Some of you may recognize this name, he co-developed some another mod with a very well known developer to the Doom community, Dafama2K7; If you're unsure of which files, here they are: D3_HardCore Mod (v0.7 beta | PART 1) D3_HardCore Mod (v0.7 beta | PART 2) D3_HardCore Mod (v0.7 beta | PART 3)

Some of the features include:

  • Improved Parallax Mapping
  • Improved ChromaticDispersionFX
  • New plasmagun skin
  • Improved gore
  • Increased texture size
  • And more!

FreedomPLMarcin states that there are no gameplay changes included, or made to your installation of Doom III after you install the D3_NicerFX, all of the changes are that are made are to the graphics of the game, in the words of the developer, "...I improved a bit of everything."

Some changes in this version are:

  • New bloom shader..this is still a WIP
  • Various bug fixes

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'd3_nicerfx.rar' (35.2MB)

This mod works with Doom 3 patched to 1.3.1 or better.

New features :
*Improved Parallax Mapping
*Improved ChromaticDispersionFX
*new plasmagun skin ( more aliens style )
*improved gore
*increased texture size
and much more! :)
*new bloom shader ( still working on it )
*fixed some bugs

I improved a bit of everything.

Just copy the D3_NicerFX into main game folder or unpack all files without autoexec.cfg 
into base folder(c:\doom3\base\; you'll have to copy all you need from .cfg file into your 
own autoexec )

You have to change your video ram. I have 2 MSI Geforce 8800GTS 640MB HD OC working in
SLI mode. 
To change this open autoexec.cfg and reduce video ram which will agree with your
video card.

Special Thanks to:

TheRealSceneGraphManager for making ChromaticDispersionSpecial FX
Dafama2k7 for improving this mod, but I imroved and optimized it for the mod and his idea
for this update :)
PedroE for BloodyMess Mod
[x26]Roland for Parallax Mapping mod but I improved it slightly and his bloom shader
Saducimus for his 1024x1024 detai resolution increasement

knypek2@o2.pl - if you encounter any bugs I'll be very grateful for your feedback :)
Just make screenshot & post them as a comment to my mod or send me an email.

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