This is fairly large map (4 to 16 players, 16 respawn points) taking place on a space station but a teleporter can also get you on the surface of a planet.

Its geometry is tailored for multiplayer gameplay i.e. no useless detail in it and a special attention was brough to lighting and audio. I still find it a bit too dark though.

There is not much to say against it: this is a well-done map that leaves a good impression.

PS: if you can tell me how to get back to the space station once you are on the ground surface, let me know!




TITLE                   : D3_Outerlimits2
FILENAME                : D3_Outerlimits2.pk4
VERSION                 : 2.0
AUTHOR                  : Eric Jirouch (gaming alias- 'Chico')
DATE                    : 31/08/04
GAME PLAY TYPE          : DeathMatch
EDITOR USED             : D3Radiant
DESIGN MACHINE          : Athlon 3000+(barton), 1 gig ram, MSI Geforce 5900FX Ultra

D3_Outerlimits is a map that I originally made for the Quake 2 engine game
Kingpin(Xatrix and Interplay)- map available at 
http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/outerlimits2.zip if you have Kingpin and want
to check it out.
The map is a space station theme with a main indoor area and one outdoor
area. There are several secret rooms in various locations (walk through walls)
and bonuses in each.

Put D3_Outerlimits.pk4 in your Doom 3/base folder
NOTE:As I understand it == Currently a server hosting a Doom3 custom map will 
not allow for any connections to the server unless the client machine has the exact same 
.pak files in their base folder. What this means is that if you host this map
and have other custom maps downloaded to your base folder, only people with those
same maps in their base folder will be able to connect to the server(ref. Media Pak 
File error / data not in sync error). 


DEATHMATCH              : 16 Player Respawn Points

The map has been optimized for framerates. Some areas, however,could not be 
properly Vis'd. Sixteen spawn-points have been added to allow for the
mp 32 person mod but this level has not been tested with more than four in game.
Average framerates run between 40-60 fps on high game settings(with the build
machine). I have found better framerates running the map on medium game settings
without a noticeable loss in visual quality (Video card set to Performance helps
also). Machine specs with less than those of the Design machine may achieve better
framerates on medium to low settings but try what you like! ENJOY!

Known Map Issues: 

-Breathe meter will not show in the Hud when outside.
A speaker had to be placed for player breathing sounds. If you are running a 
server as well as playing on that server you may notice double breathing outside
however players that join will not.  

Fixed in version 2:

Player sometimes rendered invisible after teleport
Was due to the player respawn entity colliding with the teleport pad brush 
on the floor(fixed) - This will most likely be the final version.

Primary sources used include:
http://www.doom3world.org (excellent level edit resource)

THANKS to WWW.DOOM3XTREME.COM for hosting the map for download

Custom Environment Maps:

Indoor area:  Author Unknown
Outdoor area:  "Gritty Residue" by MIGHTY PETE (Thanks Pete!)

Thanks to:
Red Neckerson, Term1nator, Bloodletting, 
Bishop, and Stoney for help with map testing.

Doom 3 Copyright = ID Software
Level Design - Copyright Eric Jirouch

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