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Dafama2K7 has returned, and he has made his great mod even better! He has released for your immediate download, his newest version of D3xp...


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Dafama2K7 has returned, and he has made his great mod even better! He has released for your immediate download, his newest version of D3xp In the Dark, although this release is for the RoE Expansion, it also contains the update for the Base version that will update it from v2.5 to v2.5.1. If you are looking to download the Base version (v2.5) of this mod, click here. For those of you just tuning in, and are wondering what the D3xp In The Dark mod will do for you, and your DooM³ gaming experience...it simply changes the game so that the lighting is even less then what it is with the retail version.

Some of these changes included in this version are:

  • Some random scary sounds and Music.
  • New Menu and Launch screen.
  • New Muzzle Flashes for all weapons, independant from Flashlights.
  • Two SP map packs to choose:
    • One is the Dark version
    • The other is the more Darker version (...recommended only for brave Marines!)
  • New playability thanks to better Monster A.I.

Some of you have thought it, and some have spoken it...whether it's a paralizing fear of the dark, or just a plain dislike for dark games, if this is the case, this mod may not be for you...if you thrive on challenge, and enjoy the unknown, start your download now! Things that go bump in the dark, will take on a whole new meaning, as the only source of illumination that will be found in this download will be the flashlight that you carry, or the one mounted on your pistol and shotgun, a few desklamps, and some swinging, half lit ceiling lights. You'll be amazed at how different DooM³ feels when you install this download!

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'd3xp_inthedark_v251.zip' (194.75MB)

D3XP_intheDark v2.5

This mod makes Doom 3 close all lights in the maps of the singleplayer Retail game.
Attention !...: This mod needs the latest v1.3 or higher patch !

I have made some bug fixes and improvements on both versions since now on v2.5 to v2.5.1...:

In Delta 2b map the two Imp containers appeared without lights before, i now has re-enabled the lights for both.

Also i have made moveable the first table in the AlphaLabs 2 map.

Changed to a NEW smart A.I. for monsters, zombies, npcs and Sentrys. (They will hunt you !)

Some of the NEW features for D3XP_intheDark v2.5 for both base & roe versions...:

NEW MuzzleFlashes for all weapons, independent from Flashlights, amazing !

NEW SFX and Sound for weapons and other small things.

NEW Shaders, but different ones than the Brilliant Highlights NG v1.0 that i already use in my other mods.

NEW playability thanx to better Monster A.I. and specially to the changes i have made in the weapons !

Sentry & Bernie now fixed, like in my other mods.

TWO SP map packs to choose, one is the Dark version and the other is the most Darker version, only for brave Marines !
(Can be changed renaming the .zip to .pk4 to enable one map-pack and renaming the .pk4 to .zip to disable the other.)

Random Scary sounds and Music.

NEW monsters/Zombies kicking objects extra capability !

Uses some of the skins from the Detailed mod by Trojanman190.

Added some D3_Alpha normal and bumpmaps for textures on surfaces, monsters, characters and weapons to make them better.

Reduced radius on the weapon mounted flashlights.

New Menu and Launch screen.

Now you will feel the TRUE FEAR and HORROR this game can make !!!
You have flashlights mounted on some weapons to advance and the light that makes the weapons when you or the monsters fires them...

Note...: Not all lights are OFF, I am leaved a small amount of moveable Swinglights and DeskLamps !!!

Warning !...: This mod is NOT for the users that hate DARKNESS, the porposse of this Mod is to make Doom 3 much more Dark than already is, but making the only lights the FlasLight and the Weapons !!!

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