Damnatio Memoriae (Episode I: Escape from Prykohn)

It is the year 2970. Humanity has long ago colonized most of the Milkyway Galaxy. You work for SpaceTime Technologies, a galaxy-wide corpora...


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It is the year 2970. Humanity has long ago colonized most of the Milkyway Galaxy. You work for SpaceTime Technologies, a galaxy-wide corporation exploiting wormhole travelling. Wormhole travelling requires a type of exotic matter to keep the throat of the hole open. Exotic matter is very difficult to produce, so the supplies are limited. You were sent on a business trip to Prykohn, a small earth-like planet in the constellation of Orion, 650 light-years away from Earth, to buy supplies of exotic matter for SpaceTime Technologies. The Prykohnians are a business-oriented, money-loving society, forcing you to pay for everything.

Everything went well until, suddenly, civilians started to disappear. Millions of them. No one knew what was happening. You were taken among them. Most of the planet was destroyed, and its resources exhausted. You wake up in a filthy cell, soon to be terminated. Your memory has been erased, your money and belongings stolen. owever, someone has managed to leave clues to help you escape and discover the terrible truth..."

Ver. 1.1 Change Log:

- Fixed Targ doors problem - A much more clear way to proceed, with more hints - Fixed a few sparklies - More monsters - No more Lost souls attack - You now can exit out of Dreamscape at will - Lots of minor improvements


This mod doesn't focus just on shooting, it's more of an adventure FPS.

It is really possible to finish it, in fact quite easily, frankly. Look around, read everything. You can avoid the lost souls attack (find how). Really, it's just a matter of observing and patience.


- Turn lights on if you want to "access" the paintings. (e.g. in the living room sometimes fails, try a few times). - If you turn the antenna back online, then you enter the "Auxiliary Room". Notice the little keyboard in the White Space; the pianola in the "auxiliary office" will give the musical-password for the White Space keyboard.

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Download 'damnatio_memoriae_v11.zip' (46.78MB)

Damnatio Memoriae.  Episode I: Escape from Prykohn.
V1.1 December 2005 	

	Gustavo Diaz-Jerez
	kab3str0 AT gmail.com

Map Information:
	Build Time:	About nine months very on and off.
	New Textures:	Yes
	New Models:	Yes
	New Sounds:	Yes
	New Music:	Yes
	New guis:	Yes
	Custom DLL:	No

	Brush Count:	16692
	Entity count:	2770	
	Compile Time:	316 seconds (Athlon 64 3500+, 4Gb Ram)	

	Single-Player Doom 3.  Patch 1.3 recommended but not required.

Known Problems:
	Sparklies:	Arrising from floating-point imprecision during BSP compile.
			Very hard to get rid of them.  Only a visual annoyance, though.

	Pianola uneven playing:
			This happens because of syswaits.  Nothing we can really do about it

	– Brendon Chung (blender81 AT hotmail.com)
		- Assets from Barista3 and Pathway Redux (script functions, prefabs, mat. shaders, pda)

	- www.doom3world.org community
		- Without which this mod would not have been possible
	- Thanks to alhazan suggesting mant improvements

	- Unzip everything to you doom3 folder retaining the directory structure.  Do NOT unzip to you
	  'base' folder.  Dir structure should be like:

		<your doom3 dir>
			-> damnatio

	- Start Doom 3.  Click on 'mods.'   Choose 'damnatio memoriae.'
	- Start a new game with your choice difficulty settings.

Please send comments and feedback to kab3str0 AT gmail.com

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