DC Grabber Gun

This mod lets you pick up and store up to 12 items inside your gun. You can only pick up items when the "lock on" crosshair is activated....


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This mod lets you pick up and store up to 12 items inside your gun. You can only pick up items when the "lock on" crosshair is activated. To pick up an item press the ATTACK button. For most items you can release the ATTACK button as soon as the object is targeted. For some items such as zombie corpses you must hold the ATTACK button until the gun overheats. Try to keep the crosshair centered on the targeted item while you hold the ATTACK button. To shoot an item press the RELOAD button.

This mod includes an updated version of the flashlight mod.


- No gibs and no muzzle smoke. - Most demons corpses will not burn up. - Flashlights added to pistol, shotguns, machinegun, chaingun, plasmagun and rocket launcher. - Grabber gun - no flashlight but with increased weapon lights. - Regular flashlight has been replaced with the chainsaw. - Double barrel shotgun - now fires one barrel at a time. - Grenades - included the grenades from the DC guns mod. - Short fuse - use the quick release method to toss a short fuse grenade. The grenade will explode after it travels a short distance. - Napalm - hold the grenade longer than the quick release time but less than 2 seconds. The grenade will explode shortly after it lands, creating a fire that will burn for 20 seconds. - Laser trip mine - hold the grenade for longer than two seconds and an activation buzzer will sound indicating that the grenade is now a laser trip mine. Throw it and it will activate soon after it lands. It will send out a rotating beam that will cause the grenade to explode if the beam touches a creature.

Known issues:

- Fireballs cannot be stored. - Items sometimes get hung up when shot from the gun. - If you store an exploding object in the gun, shoot it and it does not explode, it will probably explode if you try to pick it up again.

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Download 'dc_grabber_gun.zip' (110KB)

DC Grabber Gun

Instructions: Unzip dc_grabber_gun.zip. Place pak999.pk4 into your doom3\d3xp folder.
Play: Start up Resurrection of Evil.

Uninstall: delete pak999.pk4.

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