Dead Simple Map (Doom 2 Map 7)

This map is a remake of the Doom 2 Level 7 map for Doom 3.


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File Description

This map is a remake of the Doom 2 Level 7 map for Doom 3.

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[XForce] 14-08-2004 DeadSimple_B1 "Dead Simple" Remake Beta 1 by [XF] Destroyer

// Map info

Title                   : Dead Simple Beta 1
MapFilename             : deadsimple_b1.pk4

Author                  : [XF] Destroyer
Email Address           :

Map description         : This is my very first Doom3 map. I've chosen for a 
			  remake of the Doom2 level 7 map, xforce's favorite 
			  Doom2 deathmatch map

Supported Gametypes	: Deathmatch, Team DM , Last Man and Tourney
Thanks to               : [XF] JusThis for making the nice "Xforce" Texture 
Special Thanks to       : [XF] Mogwax for testing the map

// Build Info

Editor             : D3Radiant (internal Doom3 Editor thingie)
Bugs               : Caps aren't always looking good, some brushes are still overlapped 
Compile machine    : AMD 2000+ w. 768 Mb Ram and Geforce Ti4200 128Mb
Build Time         : Too much time......
// Map Usage

    1. just copy the deadsimple_b1.pk4 into your doom3\base\ directory
    2. Create a multiplayer server an choose the map from the list 
    3. Frag some ass !

    4. To launch single mode enter console (Ctrl-Alt- ~ ) and type "map deadsimple_b1"

    this map hasn't been fully optimized , this is a BETA !
    if you have questions or you've found bugs please email me !
// Copyright / Permissions

Doom II & Doom III are registered trademarks of id Software, Inc.
a 2004 XForce Production by [XF] Destroyer

Don't host this file on a website without my permission !!
mail for more information

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