Death Is Coming

Just find the Exit! That is your mission!


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Just find the Exit! That is your mission!

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**************************Death Is Coming*****************************

1- Copy Death_Is_Coming.pk4 to Doom3\base\
2- Run DOOM 3
3- Open the Console (press together:left ctrl+left alt+`)
4- In the Console type " map Death_Is_Coming "
5- Play and enjoy!!!!!!!

******Your Mission**************
Just find the Exit
That's it!!!!!!!

First Name:Emre
Last Name :Acar
NickName  :RazorMan

DOOM 3 is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to thank all the people who wrote tutorials,my cousin Burak Yazar,my brother Esat Acar,John Carmack for this amazing game and all the Turkish People!!!And D3Files....

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