Death Valley



This is one VERY dark map, I kept running into things it was so dark! However even though it is dark, once you take your flashlight out you realise it is actually quite a nicely designed map with only a few flaws.

It's not a huge map so it's going to fit in with 4 players, size wise I'd say it's close to the size of the default DM maps if not a little more cramped in certain areas.

There's a couple of weapons here and there and the atmosphere is pretty dank, dark and...well Doom 3 style.

Reviewed by: WadeV1589



///  "Death Valley" DeathMatch By DJW78  ///
//                                      ///

Map Name: DeathValley Or dv =)
Author: D.J.W.

///  Contents Of File /// 

(1) Version Info
(2) Map Description
(3) Installing the map
(4) Credits

///  Version Info       ///

(1) Current Release: Version 1.0      (09/03/2004)
(2) Next Release: Sometime Soon =)

///  Map Description  ///

This is a small mp map, suitable for 4-6 players, 6 players being the max. I would like to say, that is has a scientific research facility feel to it, with of course, the doom3 effects and sense of takeover. This is basicly just a map I through together in about 2 1/2 weeks time, this also being my first map ever made.  In the next version, I will have better lighting, better item placements and a preview photo will be added. 

///  Installation    /// 

Just put the pk4 file in doom3/base folder. Start up the game, go to multiplayer and create server and you should see (Death Valley) game map.

///   Credits     ///

I would like to thank my woman for putting up with me being on the computer all day long making this map. 
Also BIG THX to ID SoftWare for making a BADASS Game!!! This game kicks @$$!! Without them this would not be possible. thx ID =)
& to all the people online in the forums that help me out when i had problems making this map. Big Thx!! I guess thats about it.

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