Demonic Powers

This Doom 3 mod gives you the power to launch the same ranged attacks that some of the demons use. You can now throw various fireball...


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This Doom 3 mod gives you the power to launch the same ranged attacks that some of the demons use. You can now throw various fireballs and rockets just like the hellknights and imps.

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	Demonic Powers (v 1.0) - a Doom 3 mod by NuclearAnthrax (venomus666 AT hotmail DOT com)

Installation and running:

The demonicpowers folder should be unzipped into your Doom 3 folder, so that the folders
look like this:

	|--- Doom 3 ----
	|		|--- demonicpowers -----
	|		|			|--- pak000.pk4
	|		|			|
	|		|			|--- demonicpowers.txt (this file)

Then start Doom 3 as you normally would and click on Mods in the main menu screen. Select
the demonicpowers mod, load it, and start playing.


This mod lets you wield the unholy power of the demons! Fists and pistol, as well as 3 new
'weapons', give you the ranged attacks of various demons. I had to replace the fists and
pistol because I ran out of extra weapon slots, and couldn't work out how to add more slots.
A more detailed description of the demonic powers available to you:

Revenant rockets (replaces fists) - these drunk rockets can home in on monsters and maybe
even other players (I have not been able to test it on other players though). When you fire
them without a target to lock onto, who knows where they will end up (probably in your face).

Imp fireball (replaces pistol) - this fireball doesn't do much damage but it does leave a
shitload of smoke everywhere. These fireballs follow a trajectory when you throw them.

Hellknight fireball (weapon_hellknight) - kind of like the imp fireball, but a lot bluer and
badder. Be careful not to blast yourself when they explode.

Cacodemon fireball (weapon_cacodemon) - doesn't do that much damage but at least it looks
pretty. This fireball flies straight forward like a rocket.

Mancubus blast (weapon_mancubus) - a decent amount of damage from this kind of slow firing
red plasma gun. Also does a good amount of splash damage.

Yeah, I know the Archvile's flame attack is missing. If manage to get it working as a weapon
you can bet it will end up in a later version of this mod!
So anyway, the fists and pistol replacements should be automatic. To give yourself the other
weapons type 'give weapon_x' in the console, without the quote marks and where weapon_x is
one of the weapons like weapon_hellknight. Or just type 'give all' to get all the weapons,
new ones included! One final thing, you can't select weapons individually with a number key,
but you can select them by scrolling through the list of weapons with your mousewheel or
whatever. They should all look like fists in your view.

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