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This mod is comprised of SDK enhancements that introduce some new features that were previously not supported by the game, along with variou...


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File Description

This mod is comprised of SDK enhancements that introduce some new features that were previously not supported by the game, along with various new audio visual enhancements, which although dramatically improve single player experience, still does not change the way doom3 was meant to be played. More importantly, this mod does not cause a drop down in frame rate.

Rather than introducing bunch of new stuff like alternate fire modes for weapons etc, I have made an effort to polish the original game elements themselves, like, Stereo surround sounds for weapons, tweaked physics behaviour with physics sounds, bodies and objects react realistically to explosions and projectiles, new better looking and high performance particle effects, etc. It also includes super shotgun from Resurrection of Evil along with the support for upto 32 weapons.

This mods plays like original game, without increasing the weapons' damages or changing any other gameplay elements. I believe, doom 3 has a state of the art game engine, which has not been put to best possible use. Neither, I claim that I had done it. Although,I have made an effort towards it. I dont intend to change/introduce new skins, bump mapping etc, for mainly two reasons, first, the original art work is perfectly balanced for quality and performance and sencondly, I am more of a programmer than an artist.

This mod includes Doom 3 Ultra Quality Tweak by compguru76, which will let you play Doom3 at better frame rates at ultra quality or high quality. The tweak is part of the mod so you dont have to change anything.

For whom this mod is useful?

- If you are playing Doom 3 for the first time or going for the second run, dont play it without this mod. - If you have downloaded any of the community made single player maps then this mod is for you. - If you are a developer of a single player map you can integrate this mod readily. - If you wish to add your own weapon to doom 3 in a hassle free way, then use this mod. - Any modder who wishes to utilize the new SDK features, can find this mod useful.

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Download '' (8.09MB)

------------------------- Denton's SDK Based Enhancement For Doom3 -------------------------------
By - Clone JC Denton 				(AKA Vicky Jadhav)
Contact- clone_jc_denton AT yahoo DOT com


Thank you for downloading this mod.

How to install and run this mod: 

- Extract the zip file (using winzip or Winrar) in you Doom3 folder. E.g., In my case, path of extraction is c:\games\doom3
- Run the game from the file Dentonmod.bat (Which can be found in Doom3 folder after extraction). Alternatively, you can 
  run regular Doom 3 and select dentonmod from mod list.

SDK Based Changes summary (For Windows Only) -

- A better than D3XP (ROE) support for upto 32 weapons with shared ammo considerations.
- Half-Life style quick weapon key. 
- Improved Gibbing system.
- Material based wound size. 
- Tweaked the way ragdolls react to explosions, now an explosion can throw animated bodies in air.
- Physics based collision sounds for debris, like bounce sounds for, pieces of barrel when they explode or 
  sounds of empty bullet casings when they hit walls, ojects and ground etc.
- RealTracers (tm) for tracer based weapons, introduced new & better logic for barrel launched projectiles, now on the 
  par with Half-Life 2 Tracers.
- Changed the way smoke_fly was performed for the debris.

(For details see below)

Other changes -

- Includes Denton's Ultra Real stereo surround sounds v3 (unreleased) introduding new audio experience.
- New tracer model for tracer based weapons (pistol, shotgun, machinegun and chaingun)
- New ultra gorey blood cloud particle effect.
- high performance realistic particle effects for barrel explosions, grenade explosions, rocket explosions and rocket 
- New smoke and spark effects for tracer based weapons.
- New wound skins for chainsaw hurt and plasmaball hurt.
- improved articulated figures (ragdolls) for all monsters.
- Fixed mass and density of many physics objects so that they react realistically to exlosions and when shot by weapons.
- Locations based damages for all monsters except bosses.
- Weapon tweaks.

(For details see below)

 Doom 3 Ultra Quality Performance Tweak

This mod includes  Doom 3 Ultra Quality Performance tweak by Compguru76, which removes stuttering altogether and lets
users with 128 MB Graphics cards play doom 3 with ultra high quality and high quality on 1 GB and 512 MBs respectively, 
at decent frame rates. The tweak settings are part of this mod so you dont have to change anything. In case, you want 
to use this tweak outside this mod, I have included the tweak files in a seperate zip along with the readme, which can be 
found in dentonmod folder. The readme contains tips and instructions by original author. 

SDK based Changes in Detail (New gamex86.dll, for Windows only) -

SDK based changes introduces provides new possibilities, some of which are very useful for the community developers, who, 
despite of their good work, were unable to add their enhancements in a convincing way due to doom3's limitations.

 To use the new dll in your mod, simply copy it to your mod folder and add it to game00.pk4. It can be used as regular
dll without touching any of the said extra features or only utilizing features you want. 

1. support for up to 32 weapons which is better than Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil:
   A more generalised approach to provide support for upto 32 weapons with shared ammo considerations which now works 
   for doom 3 itself. Yes, you dont need to have ROE for it. 
   Note that, this enhancement is built on the foundation of doom3 ROE's 32 weapon support, rather than reinventing the 
   wheel, but it goes beyond what ROE has to offer.    

   a. In Doom 3, there are only 13 weapon slots by default,(0-12) and each slot can be assigned to only one weapon. Now, 
      with the new DLL, you can use each of these 13 slots for upto total 32 weapons, with the ability to assign any 
      number of weapons to a single weapon slot.
      e.g. if you have double barrel shotgun and a normal shotgun, then you can access any of them just by pressing 3, or
      some developer may choose to add a third weapon, like quake4 shotgun, to the same weapon slot. This was not possible
      either with doom3 or with ROE.
      (For more description on how to add more weapons to a single weapon slot, refer to player_base entity in, 

      shared ammo considerations - doom 3 by default does not provide support for shared ammo, i.e. if you wish to include 
      two different machineguns that use the same ammo but different clip sizes, then there will be a problem, when ammo 
      is being depleted, as the two weapons' clip ammo would interfere with each other. 
  b. In Doom3, there are only 13 impulse keys for weapon slots. This enhancement lets you use 6 more impulse keys to assign 
     to more weapons. those impulse keys are namely,

	 e.g. if you want to add a gravity gun, you can assign it to one of the above impulse keys, and bind it any key, say 
	 G for instance. So whenever you press G, gravity gun will be selected. morever, you can add gravity gun to 1st weapon 
	 slot which is for fists by default, so that, by pressing 1, you can each of these weapons and still you can bind it 
	 to impulse key so that it can be accessed by pressing G, like in Half-Life 2.    

     (For more description on how to assign weapons to above impulse keys, refer to player_base entity in, def\player.def
      Also, go through the description added in gui/hud.gui about gui hud display) 

2. Half-Life style quick weapon key:
        This mod provides a quick weapon key, pressing which, lets you quickly switch to the last accessed weapon. It uses 
   _impulse16 for it, and is bound to Q by default. Q was previously bound to soul cube but now soul cube is bound to E. 
  You can change the key bindings from main menu as you see fit. 
3. Improved Gibbing system:
		Dead bodies now gibbed only when they are severely damaged and location based damage is turned off as soon as the
   monster is dead. This causes a dead body to react realistically to explosions and weapons with varied firepower. 

     (For more description on how to tweak/change the gibbing system, refer to, zombie_default entity in, 

4. Material based wound size:
		You can give material specific wound size for decals, or projected textures, so that every weapon can have different
   wound size for different materials. Using this feature you can make decals look more detailed by selecting appropriate size. 
   This feature can be controled from within the weapon's damage def file.

     (For more description on how to utilize this feature, refer to, damage_shotgun entity in, def\weapon_shotgun.def) 
5. Tweaked the way ragdolls react to explosions:
		Whenver an explosion occurs Doom3 applies force to a ragdoll in not a very good way, i.e. rather than treating a 
   ragdoll body as a complete physics object with a specific mass, it treates the body as set of smaller parts (such as arms, 
   legs, head etc)with less individual mass and density. As a result, a ragdoll body with a specific total mass will be tossed
   more in the air than a non-ragdoll entity with the same mass and density. 
   To solve this problem with less complications I have introduced a way to scale (down or up) the ragdoll impacts by specific 
   This is used to an effect such as, explosions can send animated bodies in air as well as the dead bodies. Simply toss a 
   greande in the middle of a group of zombies to see the result.

     (For more description on how to tweak/change the ragdoll push behaviour, refer to, monster_default entity in, 
   There was an issue with exploding projectiles, where they wouldn't work in a predictable way, with two damage defs, for 
   direct damage and splash damage, it is now resolved with some little work.

     (The issue with the exploding projectiles was solved by the help of DLL as well as entity def settings. For more 
      description on it, refer to, damage_grenadedirect and damage_greanadesplash entity in, def\weapon_grenade.def) 
6. Physics based collision sounds for debris:
		Doom3 already has physics based collision sounds for moveble objects and ragdolls. I only added the same thing for
  debris. This feature is used for exploding barrels. Shoot an explosive barrel and see it breaking into pieces, the pieces 
  that would collide with the world and make sounds based on their velocity. 
  Same thing can be used for empty bullet casings that weapons eject or just anything else you want. 

  (For more description on how to utilize this feature, refer to, debris_barrelpiece entity in, def\moveable.def) 

7. RealTracers (tm):
		I have added completely new logic for how projectiles get launched from the barrel and hits the target. Previously,
  If the pistol had tracers enabled, 1st, it would throw tracers that you wouldn't probably see because it's too fast, 2nd ly, 
  rather than hitting on target, projectile would hit diagonally lower right of the crosshair.

  With my new tracer model, you can actually see tracers without slowing down the projectiles and with the new logic for the 
  the direction of projectiles, they will accurately hit the target, which was not previously possible.	

  Now plasma balls, rockets and bfg projectiles also hit right on target along with the tracer based weapons.

  (I am regarding pistol, shotgun, machinegun and chaingun as tracer based weapons)

  For tracer based weapons, the new logic also takes care of situations like shooting from behind covers and from around 
  corners, where the usual barrel launched projectile logic fails. It works on the par with Half-Life 2's tracer logic. 
  I haven't gone into HL2's SDK but had only play tested it to see how tracers work.

  	   If you are really interested in what it is and how it works, then contact me at above email address or just post 
  a comment.

  (For more description on how to utilize this feature, refer to, projectile_machinegun entity in, def\weapon_machinegun.def) 

  Other Changes in detail:

# Includes - Denton's Ultra Real stereo surround sounds v3 (unreleased) 


Doom3 uses mono sounds for everything. This sound pack provides high quality stereo surround sounds for weapons which are 
optimized for less memory use so you wont encounter any performance hit.  

In case of Sound pack Ver. 2, it seemed to be a commonly perceived notion that the sounds work good for surround speaker setup 
only. In reality, it works well with any speaker setup (stereo as well as surround). 
(I am not including previous versions' change log, as it would take a lot more space)
Version 3 changes:

- New sounds when projectiles hit flesh. Also, check out the new blood splattering sounds when using shotguns.
- Pistol sound redone. Accurately and seemlessly conveys bolt action in the fire sound, you can hear empty casings
  ejecting out. the reload and switch sounds are readjusted for stereo surround since version 2.
- Shotgun stereo fire sounds tweaked. It convey's the punch shotgun should deliver. The Shotgun cock sound is  readjusted 
  for stereo surround since version 2.
- New double barrel shotgun sounds. Added new weapon switch sound. New stereo surround fire sound. While reloading you can 
  actually hear empty shells being thrown out.  
- Check out the chaingun for real this time. It's like trent reznor sounds meet real-life chaingun sounds in stereo surround.
  Hear the surround barrel spinup and spin down sounds.
- Rocket flight sounds tweaked. New Rocket explosion sounds, Grenade explosion Sounds and barrel explosion sounds. Barrels, 
  when explode, throws out little pieces that make sounds based on how hard they are hitting the surfaces.
- Tweaked tracer flight sounds, Hear bullets passing by as they miss you and hear them making variety of sounds based on the
  various materials they hit.
- Placed bullet ricochet sounds esthetically in sound shaders, so that you hear them more frequently. 
- Assigned appropriate bounce sounds for many physics objects. New barrel bounce sounds, now are more realistic.  
- Added sounds for Plasma balls when they hit flesh.
- sounds that let you feel empty bullet casings being ejected out from respective weapons, bouncing around and rolling 


# Added ROE's Double barrel shotgun. Changed Double Barrel Shotgun(AKA Super Shotgun) script so that it has a fully interruptible reload. 
  It is useful in many situations, where you need to quickly switch to another weapon. works well with quick weapon key, too. You will
  have to get this weapon using give command i.e, bring down the console, type give weapon_shotgun_double.

# The mod uses new gibbing system, which lets bodies sustain more damage before they gib. This could have caused a drop down in 
  frame rate. But the mod causes the gibbable dead monsters to automatically get gibbed after a delay of 25 seconds. This strategy 
  dramatically improves frame rates, as I have seen it. 

# New Realistic tracer model for tracer based weapons (pistol, shotgun, machinegun and chaingun). These tracers are also used 
  by security guard zombies. Pojectiles need not to be slowed down for tracer effect. 

# New ultra gorey blood cloud particle effect. New first person particle effects.

# High performance realistic particle effects for barrel explosions, grenade explosions, rocket explosions and rocket 

# New smoke and spark effects for tracer based weapons.

# Locations based damages for all monsters except bosses. Head shots will be almost lethal, Torso shots will deal some more 
  damage than usual and damages taken by arms and legs will be very less.

# Tweaked Physics behaviour:
  - Improved articulated figures (ragdolls) for all monsters except bosses. 
  - Enemies hurl back due to projectile hits. Explosions can send dead bodies as well as animated bodies (alive monsters) into
  - Fixed mass and density of many physics objects so that they react realistically to exlosions and when shot by weapons. 
  - Exploding barrels can send every physics objects around it in air, including another exploding barrels, creating interesting

# Chaingun script is modified so that it takes some time to spinup (check out the new chaingun sounds). Chaingun spinning 
  sounds are very well synchronized with the barrel spin animations through the new script. Morever, chaingun bullets are 
  not slowed down for tracer effect as they use the new tracer model, letting you actually see the tracers at high speed.Also 
  the speed combined with mass will create a natural physics push as opposed to previously simulated one. What you get is a
  chaingun with great sounds, tracer effects and real physics impact on the world around.

# New chainsaw hurt decal and plasmaball hurt decal.

# Added projectile lights on plasma balls and rockets which dont cast shadows. So they look part of the world now, without
  damaging performance.

# Changed barrel skins according to their uses. Doom3 already had those skins but didnt use them for unknown reasons. Now,
  non-exploding barrel is white, exploding barrel is red and burning barrel is yellow with caution warning written on last 

# Slightly changed the monster burnaway particle effect, so that it looks more natural.

# Some Weapon tweaks
  - Slightly Increased rate of fire of pistol to make it more useful at times. 
  - Slightly reduced Shotgun and Double barrel shotgun spreads, for better gameplay.
  - readjusted mass, bouciness, friction etc for grenades, Incresed there throw distance a little.
  - Rockets are slowed down slightly, now they feel like real thing.
  - Plasma balls create a physics push when they explode, making objects, in the small explosion radius to whirl in air.
    Also knock enemies back realistically.
  - Tweaked Muzzlesmoke for all weapons. Now they look better, natural and wont block your field of view.

# Many other tweaks/changes that I forgot to mention.


Scripts & defs			- Clone JC Denton 
GUIs					- Clone JC Denton 
Particle Effects			- Clone JC Denton 
Coding (VC++)			- Clone JC Denton 
New Tracer Model			- Clone JC Denton 
New Chainsaw Hurt Decal		- Clone JC Denton 

New Plasmaball hurt decal	- Mycelo (Taken from mycelo's weapon enhancement v1.07)
Chaingun spin sounds		- Taken from Trent Reznor Sound Pack

Doom 3 Ultra Quality Performance Tweak - by compguru76 (compguru7 AT yahoo DOT com)


There are few things I couldnt continue working on untill the first release, like, 

- Placing Super Shotgun in some of the early levels of game so you can actually pick it up.(in game/ probably)
- Letting user choose from menu, whether they want deadbodies to stay or mot.
- Material based decals and debris when you shoot around, without degrading framerates.
- built in support for alternate fire modes.
- D3XP Gravity gun.
- Breakable Physics objects.
- A generalized GUI script for hud weapon display. So that adding a new weapon wont screw up the hud 
  display like, weapon icons, names etc.

Following are the thing which would require a lot of work to get them inside the game.

- Dynamic(like shrinking or growing) Cosshair, customizable crosshair for each weapon.
- First person as well as third person flash light and laser sight support on the par with quake 4 or better than 
  quake 4.
- Using Brittle Fracture for breakable physics objects so that objects each time break down differently based on 
  where the force is applied. Doom3 uses BrittleFracture only for 2D texture planes, i.e. for breakable glass.   

Feel free to send me some new ideas or suggestions. 


	There was a minor issue when z-security guards throw tracers at you. The tracer model wont get cliped when it hits 
closing doors or some corners. 

The DLL has been tested and works fine without any issues and can be used as normal DLL only utilizing the features you 
want for your own modifiaction. If you still notice any bugs or errors, do not hesistate to report them to me.


This  is a singleplayer only modification. Some features such as new projectile launch logic has been designed for 
multiplayer too, but none of the features have been tested for multiplayer.

You can use anything from this mod. Even the new DLL is also meant for public use, but before you use the DLL, send me 
a mail just for acknowledgement.  


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