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If your copy Doom III does not allow you to run the just released Desolated Demo (v 0.84), then don't fret, DaveTheFreak has provided this p...


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If your copy Doom III does not allow you to run the just released Desolated Demo (v 0.84), then don't fret, DaveTheFreak has provided this patch so that those of you that are running Doom III v1.3.1 can submit your bandwidth and get a taste of this great demo version of Desolated: The Crying Fate as well!

Quite simply, this is the Patch for those of you running the most up todate version of Doom III. Although Desolated Demo is a demo, it comes packing with one complete map and two parts of 'catacombs' and 'painfull_death'. Also included is bloom, parallax mapping the money system, a new monster, the firegun and more. This download will keep you busy (and out of trouble :D ) for about an hour...long enough for you to want more!

To use this patch, you must first download and install Desolated Demo (v 0.84), then install this patch, and you're ready to quench your thirst for some Doom III action!

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'desolateddemopatch131.exe' (2.23MB)


This on is a Demoversion. Here are just some important things to know for playing.

How to Install:
Simply execute the exe-file and follow the instructions.

How to Start the Demo:
You have three possibilities to do that:
	1) go to the Desolated-Demo directory and execute the bat file
	2) start Doom 3 normally and load the Demo via the Mod menu
	3) make a link to the doom 3 and include the following: " +set fs_game Desolated-Demo +exec Desolated.cfg"
	   An Example is: ""C:ProgrammeDoom 3DOOM3.exe" +set fs_game Desolated-Demo +exec Desolated.cfg"

You can find money everywhere, it's a new item, so watch out! To look for money is very
important especially in the higher difficulty.

With the money you collected you can buy:
	- new weapons
	- ammo
Make sure, that you don't just save money for a new weapon, without ammo you won't make
it through the mod. Later there will be a weapon with infinite ammo for the last maps,
but that's not included yet.

Weapons are mainly the same as in the original, only the behaviour is changed same as the
skins and some sounds (pistol, machinegun, shotgun). There's a new weapon, the firegun
which is replacing the plasmagun.
When byuing weapons make sure you don't buy a weapon you currently already have!

Here's the list of what type of ammo is used for what weapon:
	- pistol	->	bullets
	- shotgun	->	shells
	- machinegun	->	clip
	- chaingun	->	belt
	- Firegun	->	cells
	- rocketlauncher->	rockets
	- bfg		->	bfg
	- grenades	->	grenades

In the demo is one new enemy called "Skull" replacing the old Lost Soul. Otherwise there
are just basic enemies from the main game having a new skin.

There are not much health kids anymore, 'cause you can buy them. After the level "desolated_village1"
the player learned how to heal himself, so his health will be increase frequently (in the demo since
the map "desolated_catacombs"). But in this mode there's no armor anymore, if you pick up an armor
item, the armor will be reduced every second.

Mainly the first person mode is used, except in catacombs (there it will change from scene to scene
to have a better overview in the jumping areas), village 1+2 and desert. Those maps are whether
jump&run or role-playing maps (quests etc.). You're not able to change between both, yourself.

To activate/deactivate it simply go into system settings/advanced. There you can turn it on/off. Quality
means how good the bloom will look like. And strength means how heavy the effect itself will be.
Be careful: if you increase the bloom quality to maximum, you need more than just a monster-machine.

Parallax Mapping:
Real Parallax Mapping is only activated in high or ultra high quality settings. Otherwise there will be
just a fake parallax mapping.

To play this mod you need minimum a Geforce6600 or a Radeon X600 (minumum Details), important is also that
your card supports DX9. For the highest details you need a Radeon 3850 or a Geforce 9600GT (including AA and AF).
The CPU isn't that important, a Single Core with 3GHz or a DualCore with 1.6GHz should be enough.


Maha_x (bloom)
Junkguy (parallax mapping)
Shamino (nature&catacombs textures)
Siafu Ants (Soundtrack)
Neurological (Intro Sound)

ADD: This is the patched Demo only working under Doom 3 1.3.1!

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