This an excellent medium-sized map yet open that will probably remind you something if you have ever played Unreal Tournament 2k3 before. Indeed, its layout is very close to the second level of this game: a small, symmetric sci fi arena with 2 elevators at its ends that enable the player to access an upper level.

Its straightforward geometry is furnished with very thin details which is somewhat unusual for a multi player map. The bad news is about FPS and you will probably have to adjust your video settings to something different than High Quality unless you have a powerful system of course.

If D3 had come with this map in between its default loading of maps, you wouldn't have ever guessed it has been made by a fan!




-----multipalyer map for doom3-----


title:               dm_catacomb

author:              tyler "glyph" dugan        
                     mtdugan001 AT hotmail DOT com 

discription :        layout is a "oldie but goldie" its setup for fast fragging
                     weapon spawns       5 secs
                     ammo/armor/health   20 secs
                     inviso              60 secs
                     berserk             90 secs
                     bfg                 120 secs


installation:        place dm_catacomb.pk4 in C:/doom3/base

special thanks:      to id for making this great game, planetdoom, doom3world, and the                      community for the helpful ppl and info at there forums.

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