This is the same map as DM_Catacomb except that this one performs *way better* on a performance standpoint even with the thick ambient fog in which it is immersed. There are less detail in it and the lighting has also been enhanced.

The clipping brushes near the 2 elevators are still annoying yet! Besides, there is that warning logged into the console after it is loaded: "no_info_player_deathmatch entities marked initial in map" ... Has it been tested online?

Ultimately, this doesn't change my opinion about it: I find it very successful.




-----multipalyer map for doom3-----


title:               dm_catacombV2

author:              tyler "glyph" dugan        
                     mtdugan001 AT hotmail DOT com 

discription :        same,,just less detail and better lighting(2 of the main fps hangups)
                     layout is a "oldie but goldie" its setup for fast fragging

                     weapon spawns       5 secs
                     ammo/armor/health   20 secs
                     inviso              60 secs
                     berserk             90 secs
                     bfg                 120 secs


installation:        place dm_catacombV2.pk4 in C:/doom3/base

special thanks:      to id for making this great game doom3files, planetdoom, doom3world,
                     and the community for the helpful ppl and info at there forums.

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