Beta version of an upcoming DM map which shall be released within 1-2 weeks. The playfield consists of a single room, somewhat "twisted" near the corners to create hiding places for the players. The central part features a lineup of barrels which you can explode.

In short, a good map in perspective for strategic players enjoying confined playgrounds.

I work on the Map since a few month, and this is my first Map ! I play the Map every Day for testing with a friend and work on it for optimizing. I Release the Beta because I want Feedback … where are problems, bad Entity-placement and so on ! à If You have anything …. Say It !


Map Name:			D3dm_Halle
Map Type:			Doom3 Deathmatch
Map Author: 			Thorsten
Max Players:			4
Author's E-Mail Adress: 	intel-inside AT freenet DOT de
Released: 			07.07.2005

Achtung :			Die MAP ist erst im BETA-Statium  !
				Es muß noch am Fein-Tuning gearbeitet werden.
				Wer also KONSTRUKTIVE Kritik hat ... bitte melden !

Ich erteile hiermit meine Erlaubnis, diese Map im Internet auf http://www.doom3maps.org und 
http://www.fragpoint.de und auch in Zeitschriften (PC-Action und Gamestar) 
bzw. auf deren dazugehöriger CD/DVD zu veröffentlichen.

Posted @ DOOM 3 Files under permission.

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