If you like battling in large and straightforward battlegrounds, I guess you will enjoy this map. It takes place in a roomy temple which has...


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If you like battling in large and straightforward battlegrounds, I guess you will enjoy this map. It takes place in a roomy temple which has somewhat the look of a castle; you also have access to an open area around it where you can appreciate unusual daylight.

This is a very large map and I'm not sure eight people are sufficient for it! However, its limpid design makes it easy to catch its layout. I have found items placement very good and particularly for the weapons: thus, you will mostly find yourself picking up long range weaponry such as rocket launchers, hand grenades and plasma guns. Great FPS as well.

Many small structures are deployed across its area behind where you can hide and/or that you can cross. I would have liked that all of the crossable ones be more easy to jump over. Some of them do have clipping brushes to ease that though.

At last, what is that mysterious easter egg? No luck so far... Maybe an other gorgeous creature :D ..


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Title                   : DM_NewWorld

Author                  : Shamino 
Email Address           : Shamino74656 AT arcor DOT de

Description             : Mid Size Deathmatch map.
			  It Supports up to 8 Players.

			  My Special " Eastereggs " are also again included.


Unzip the DM_NewWorld.pk4, reflex_skies.pk4 and the ShaminoTextures07.pk4 to your C:/DOOM3/base directory.


---Map Information---

Build                   : Completely Original From Scratch.
Build Time              : About 3 Weeks, every day 2-4 hours
Requirements            : DOOM 3 Retail Install
Map Name                : DM_NewWorld
Game Mode               : Multiplayer, up to 8 players 
New Textures            : yes
New Sounds              : no
New Music               : No
Bugs			: no bugs found, if someone found any bugs please mail me.

Note: 			Middle Size Deathmatch Map for 8 Players.

			I Made this map to test the new Sky, made by Reflex (, 
			in the first place.

			Second to train my mappingskills,

			and to make a map that hasnĀ“t the Creepy Doom 3 Atmhosphere, more
			friendly Like :)	

			Hope you like this one also, have fun.	

Previous works: 	 Duke Nukem 3D Maps ( no public releases )

			 Unreal, Unreal Tournament 1, UT2k3 ( all no public releases )

			 Doom 3 : DM_Tutorial (Released)
			 	  DM_Wastemyhate (Released)
			 	  DM_Arenagate (Released)
			  	  DM_NoRemorse (Released)
				  DM_NoRegret (Released)
				  DM_OldBase (Released)

Speacial Thanks:  	 Thanks to all the Tutorials on and Doom3World, great work !!!
		  	 Thanks to John Carmack to programm, once again, a very Impressive Engine.
			 Thanks to Reflex for his great work with the new Sky Textures.

			 Thanks to all the People who like my Previous Works and Downloaded my Maps :)

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