I optimised my older Doom 3 Map DM_NoRemorse because the FPS sucked.


Title                   : DM_NoRemorse new Version 12.21.2004

Author                  : Shamino 
Email Address           : Shamino74656 AT arcor DOT de

Description             : Large Deathmatch map in an UAC Mars Facility
			  It Supports up to 13 Players, all weapons are in.

			  And i put (again) a little secret in it ;)



Unzip the DM_NoRemorse.pk4 and the ShaminoTextures05.pk4 to your C:/DOOM3/base directory.

for the Updated DM_Noremorse.pk4 just copy it over the old file and you will do fine.


---Map Information---

Build                   : Completely Original From Scratch
Build Time              : About 4 Days, every day 8-12 hours, The last 5 Hours to fix the light(FPS)Problem !
Requirements            : DOOM 3 Retail Install
Map Name                : DM_NoRemorse
Game Mode               : Multiplayer, up to 13 players (13 Spawns)
New Textures            : yes
New Sounds              : no
New Music               : No
Bugs			: At one Spawn (Middle Catwalk), there is a little clipping error when you spawn and you can
			  see through the level(just when respawning), because i set the playerdeathmatch_start to high,
			  just duck and go on. 

NOTE UPDATE: 		I just optimised the Map i littlebit so it runs smoother in multiplayer Matches, 
			because in most of the areas of the Map the FPS was realy bad.

			I Tested the Map on the following Machines:

			Athlon XP2400+ 512MB DDR400 Ram G-Force 4600

			Athlon XP3200+ 1 Gig DDR400 Ram G-Force FX5600

			640-480 Low Details to 1024-768 High Details FPS was 20-30 Constant on both Machines.

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