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This is a medium-sized map that might you remind a Q3A map - the one that is plunged into a thick orange fog, though the latter ain't that thick in this one. It seems to be taking place in the remains of a wreck and its layout is arranged in the style of an arena. I find it well designed for the purposes of a multi player map, even if I was - initially - a bit surprised to see that the first floor lead to a dead end... until I noticed those small lifts scattered at two or three places in the map; they nearly share the same color as the walls so they ain't much visible.

I mainly see two problems with it: - bad FPS count; you might think that I often gripe about them, but this one generates worst fps than the ones I get with the original D3 levels; this is probably due to the use of volumetric fog. - bad items placement. I think Toireht should have better taken advantage of his interesting design. Obviously, the ground floor is a strategic area and yet most of them are located on the first level.

Good map however, especially when you know it has been wrapped up in just 3 days!




Doom 3 Pestilence
By Toireht

First off, thank you for downloading my map and giving it a try.
I made this map in about 3 days, and it does show by the size of it,
but I made this map to be able to play doom 3 mp with always a good framerate.
The framerate on this map never really drops low, from what I have seen,
and also stays steady. So this map is really for people who have slow end computers,
but I also made this map because I wanted an intense small 1-3people map which isnt bogged
down by to much detail. 

Extract the .pk4 file in the download to your doom3/base folder, and have fun on multiplayer.

If you wish to use anything from my map (layout, lighting, or anything else), 
doubt you will, contact me first before using them.


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