This is a very small and claustrophobic map featuring a strongly marked industrial design (lots of pipes); we feel almost too big within! That claustrophobic feeling is emphasized by the fact it is only made of corridors at one exception.

Graphics-wise, it looks great and lighting is good and varied. No audio ambience on the other hand. Otherwise, given the small extent of the map, I don't find items placement very consistent. Actually, they are just too many of them and in particular there are too many kinds of weapon available!

All in all, this is a good map for 1v1 matches, but it has yet to be fine-tuned to be really good.

PS: if you were to update it, please make that model in the pentagram room not solid; this is just a graphical ornament and bumping into it too often really gets annoying eventually!




Doom 3
Pure Evil DEathMaTCH by Lavaman

Very Small DM map
For up to 4 players

Only 600 brushes, less than 10 textures.

I get annoyed with big maps were i cant find my opponent .SO i did this in about 6 hours from concept to final brush.Hope you enjoy its Simple,claustraphobic , frenzied gameplay.
There's a much bigger Single player map on the way too ,im about 4000 brushes in and its playing and looking good.


Unzip the files, and place p_evildm.pk4 in your Doom3\base dir
Run the map from the MULTIPLAYER browser 

Happy Fraggin

Lavaman AT planetquake DOT com

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