This is without any doubt the best D3 map I have tried and tested so far. Its setting is a castle hanged out somewhere in Hell.

This is a very detailed map with proper lighting, simple but efficient audio and whose geometry fits to a challenging gameplay thanks to a layout opened to multiple strategies.

The *only* drawback - that can be easily overlooked btw - lives in its performance: many visual effects (flying dust, fog and normal mapping) inevitably leads to quite bad fps especially since this map takes place in an open area and we don't know for sure if the D3 engine is optimized for rendering such environments (indoor and outdoor environments require specific rendering algorithms).

Last but not least, there is a funny secret in this map. No I won't tell you but I'm SURE if I did so, you would rush to download it :)

Great map Shamino; I am not surprised though, your first attempt was already convincing ;)




Title                   : DM_Wastemyhate

Author                  : Shamino 
Email Address           : [email protected]

Description             : Deathmatch map

			  This Map take Place in a Castle Style Area what was
			  somehow Teleported to Hell, some UAC Soldiers was also
			  Teleported with it, but they dont survived long fighting 
			  the Demons.....

			  This Map also includes a little Secret, i think its
			  not to hart to find.



Unzip the DM_Wastemyhate.pk4 and the ShaminoTextures01.pk4 to your C:/DOOM3/base directory.


---Map Information---

Build                   : Completely Original From Scratch 
Build Time              : About 3 Days, every day 8-10 hours
Requirements            : DOOM 3 Retail Install
Map Name                : DM_Wastemyhate
Game Mode               : Multiplayer, 2-4 player
New Textures            : yes
New Sounds              : no
New Music               : No
Gameplay Time           : 

Note: Second Doom 3 Map ;)

Previous works: Duke Nukem 3D Maps ( no public releases )

		Unreal, Unreal Tournament 1, UT2k3 ( all no public releases )

		Doom 3 : DM_Tutorial (Released)

Speacial Thanks:  Thanks to all the Tutorials on Doom3Maps.de and Doom3World, great work !!!
		  Thanks to John Carmack to programm, once again, a very Impressive Engine.

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