DOOM 3: Apocalypse - The First Wave

This is the first alpha release of Doom 3: Apocalypse, a multiplayer only team based mod. There are two teams, Marines and Demons. Demons w...


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This is the first alpha release of Doom 3: Apocalypse, a multiplayer only team based mod. There are two teams, Marines and Demons. Demons will be able to choose from various forms (Imp, Shade, Revenant, Archvile etc...). Marines get to buy guns and equipment. The objective of the game is to complete your team's objective, which is map based.

There are four main game scenarios:

- Lockdown: the marines must defend an area and prevent any demons get past their barricade. - Objective: the marines must complete a series of map specific objectives (eg. turn on the power, release a distress signal) - Capture the Artifact: both teams must capture the artifact and return it to their base. - Evacuation: the marines must evacuate a minimum number of hapless civilians. The demons must stop them.

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MOD:     Doom 3: Apocalypse, The First Wave
RELEASE: imp alpha test 0.1.0
DATE:    2005-04-30
AUTHOR:  Silly Rabbit (david AT osoal DOT org DOT nz)

This is the alpha test for player_imp
It is Multiplayer only.  Start a multiplayer
game and run around and throw fireballs at
stuff.  Get a friend along and see what happens.
Let me know if you find any bugs or can fix
any bugs for me.

I forgot to add that there is no linux binary
only the windows DLL, so this release only supports
windows platforms.  I will definitely be releasing
the mod for linux and if I can find someone to compile
it for the mac I will.


This mod requires the 1.1 patch!  Will not work with 1.2 (ROE)
or 1.0.  If you have ROE installed, find a 1.1 copy of the Doom3.exe
and copy it to your doom 3 directory as Doom3-1.1.exe or whatever.
Then you can run 1.1 mods from your ROE installation.

Unzip it to your Doom 3 directory and it will create
a directory called 'ma'.  Start Doom 3, select the mod
'Apocalypse: The First Wave'.  You can create a shortcut
along the lines of:
c:\doom3\doom3.exe +set si_pure '0' +set fs_game 'ma'
c:\doom3\doom3-1.1.exe +set si_pure '0' +set fs_game 'ma'
if you have ROE installed and doom3-1.1.exe is the exe for patch 1.1


You look like an imp, walk and crawl around like an imp, 
and have the imp's weapons:
  weapon 1 is melee (weapon_imp_claws)
  weapon 2 is ranged (weapon_imp_fireball)

There are some obvious animation issues.
1) sometimes the ai script thinks the player is
   still crouching when he is not.
2) there are no sidestepping animations
   the evade animations are unsuitable for this
3) sometimes arms and legs poke through walls
   probably due to a collision model problem.
   this can cause the IK (inverse kinematics) to
   drop a players foot through the floor if it is
   poking through a wall.

1) long-jumping (leaping) code
2) wall climbing
3) fix animation issues

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